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  1. I really don’t have a third RB (Chase Edmonds).
  2. I’m a Ridley owner who has been an absolute beast. I first received and offer to receive C. Carson and M. Jones for my Ridley which I declined but am thinking of trying to pull his C. Carson and R. Woods for my Ridley. Thoughts? I have solid RB’s in Jacobs and Sanders but this is a league that forces you to start 2 RB’s weekly.
  3. It’s really close but it’s B for me.
  4. I need to start a 2nd RB and was leaning Clement but am now thinking Thompson. The Sanders injury screwed me although it’s likely the best decision for the long haul.
  5. I certainly wouldn’t, keep what you have.
  6. I'm drafting in the 9 slot of a 12 team H2H tomorrow and have strong feeling this will be my decision and I keep going back and forth. Wanted to see who the preference is from everyone.
  7. I have never ever been a fan of Trea Turner but got sucked into drafting him at the end of the turn in the 1st round. With the shortened season I figured acquiring a guy with the close to .300 BA and ample SB’s was the way to go but clearly the joke was on me. Still a goose egg in the SB department on the season.
  8. And yet another CS attempt. Trea has literally no zero value considering where he was drafted if you take away his SB’s.
  9. [...] How is it even possible that he still has yet to steal a freaking base?
  10. He’s definitely looked like he’s cooked to me as well. Not sure what is up with him. In this shortened season there’s not a lot of patience but will try to wait for more info. His new home ballpark certainly doesn’t help his situation.
  11. I don’t get it, was thinking the same damn thing. Something isn’t right.
  12. I still prefer Arenado but I do indeed see it. JRam is ranked at 11 and Arenado at 15. I selected dates from 3/1-3/15 and High Stakes. Very very interesting.