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  1. Thomas was literally free to anyone in the NFL a week ago, so I'm more shocked that the Patriots snookered a 6th round pick out of this whole thing. But yeah, DT is not fantasy relevant
  2. Pretty much my feeling. Disappointed as Gordon owner. Brown is a target black hole. And while I don't think he'll see quite that level on New England (he'll need to learn the playbook, New England likes to spread it around more), it takes a lot of potential away from Gordon. I am hoping Edelman ends up the big loser. Edelman did his damage on volume, Gordon can do it more with big strikes. Brady seems like the big winner here. Even if they're dialing back his throws a bit, you can't help but put up numbers with Brown, Gordon, and Edelman.
  3. I'd say two points: (1) his contract for 2019 would be fully guaranteed as a vested veteran. Any voiding would be of future guarantees. So he's essentially on a one year deal; and (2) was the fine for prior actions or for leaking the video? I'm asking as I'm not sure, but I kind of thought the fine was for additional actions after the two had "made up"
  4. I guess it depends on what type of player you were expecting Burton to be. He made almost as many catches last year (54) as the 63 he made in 4 years with the Eagles. So he was clearly better overall. If you expected Burton to be Top 5 TE in the league, well that did not happen. Those expectations seem ambitious for a guy who has already played 4 years in the NFL without proving anything near that level of play. Of course, if you made that post in the George Kittle thread instead, you would have ended up correct.
  5. I thought the Titans had a complete inability to throw the ball last year, but they did finish ahead of the Dolphins, Cards, and Bills. Now two of those teams had rookie QBs, one of which was Josh Allen (who has never shown any ability to actually throw the ball) and the other started a hodgepodge offensive line of cast offs and street free agents. So it's not saying much to beat them. Somehow the Titans were even worse than the Redskins, who started street free agent QBs for roughly half the year (Mark Sanchez? Josh Johnson?). I feel like that has to be better. Mariota's a real Jekyll and Hyde player who also never seems to be healthy. But he seemed really not healthy in 2018. That alone should help the Titans' passing game. Just not to be 2018 bad. And that likely helps Davis. For the price to acquire him, I'd roll the dice. The talent is definitely there
  6. I'm cautiously optimistic here, but trying not to get too hyped. There's really no baseline to judge what Waller can do
  7. I feel there's good value here. Someone has to catch balls on San Francisco. We know Shanahan loves to throw the ball. Kittle is solid, but I just don't see him quite repeating his 2018. And even if Kittle does, some WR should have value. Goodwin's not bad, but don't feel he's that good either. He's 29 and had one season over 500 yards. We know what he is. Everyone else is a bit of an unknown, but I like Pettis' chances over a slew of unproven rookies
  8. Gordon was actually quite productive last year on a per catch basis. He only played 12 games between Cleveland sitting him and then the later suspension. And some of those games were when he just joined New England mid-season. Traditionally it's hard to get integrated so quickly to a new team. But he still was on pace for about 1000 yards and 5 TDs over a full season. So he should be better overall staying with one team and having a better grasp of the playbook. Plus, you also have all of Gronkowki's targets that need to be re-distributed for 2019. There's definite upside here. The big question is if he can actually stay on the field. We'll see...
  9. My biggest issue is the targets. Adams didn't have a great game, but saw 8 targets. MVS saw 6. Graham also had 6 and somehow even Lewis got 3. Allison has zero. Last year, in his 4 healthy games, Allison had 8, 6, 4, and 11 targets. He even had one in his brief "comeback" game. If you're not getting targets, not sure how you do anything. That is very concerning, even if it's a knee jerk reaction (and mind you, Allison played against Chicago last year too)
  10. Your last sentence doesn't seem to make sense in light of your first two. Service time wise, it makes no difference if they call up Robert now, in August, or in September. Service time wise, they'd have to keep him down all of 2018 and some portion of 2019 to gain anything extra. So September would be completely out if this was a service time issue.
  11. Doubtful. He's never stolen more than 10 bases in any season. He does have 6 so far in AAA this year, which would put him on pace for a career high. So maybe you could say he's trying to run a bit more. But it's still not much.
  12. Well, that was an excellent game. He's now up to the 9th or 10th best son of a Hall of Famer ever (it's a pretty low bar)
  13. Here's the actual cutoffs the last several years: 2018: 2.134 2017: 2.123 2016: 2.131 2015: 2.130 2014: 2.133 2013: 2.122 2012: 2.140 2011: 2.146 2010: 2.122 2009: 2.139 Source: Basically if you have less service time than listed above, you are *not* Super 2 eligible for that year. If someone is called up on June 1, they'd get about 120 days of service time. That would leave them short of Super 2 status every year, though admittedly it may be a bit too close for comfort on a few of the years (2017, 2013, and 2010). But it would be a safe date 10/10 times based on historical context
  14. True, his splits according to Fangraphs are: 6.7 % Soft, 43.3 % Medium, and 50.0 % Hard (that's what she said). Combined with a 50% flyball rate (against only 26.7% groundballs), he's hitting the ball hard and in the air. I know scouts generally write him off, but I'm intrigued.
  15. Looking at his minor states, he doesn't have a problem against lefties. Might just be part of "easing" him into the majors. But I suspect he'll play some of those games