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  1. Close projections and going up again Lamar and Parker
  2. Are you choosing either slayton or the waiver pickups, or are you starting slayton regardless? Slayton definitely better than those 3 potential pickups
  3. Will Fuller, James Conner or AJ Brown for final flex spot? Afraid Brown going to go either go off or crash back down to earth. Currently have fuller in the flex but Houston offense is up and down. WHIR
  4. True bum, even rumors of the Cardinals flipping him for whatever they can get. Much regret that I traded Albies for him early in the season.
  5. He's definitely off my roster, rather take a chance on some streamers, and if you have anyone decent like Heaney, you gotta make the swap. We've seen this rodeo one too many times.
  6. He would be the top 2b keeper in my book unless if you can get Altuve. And if you were in an auction keeper where Albies price is low compared to an expensive Altuve, I rather keep Albies. I feel stupid trading him in a redraft league so i can't imagine people not asking for the moon in a keeper.
  7. I thought Bench Heat was a 20/10 guy and was gonna sell high. Hell NO, going down with the ship now! 25 HRs look pretty safe now for him! He's driving in so many runs he isn't even on base to get SBs