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  1. Yeah, really. It's almost like they don't want the other team to know what they're planning
  2. I only do trades that are terrible for me. I'm like a superhero that swoops in and offers good players to struggling teams, handicapping my own team in the process because apparently I can afford it. Couple of my highlights this year: Connor, Kittle, Keenan Allen for DeAndre Hopkins and David Johnson Kelce, Kupp, Mack, Robinson for Barkley, Hunt, and Goff I swear they made sense at the time. In my brain, anyway
  3. Dropped him because thinking brain says duh, it’s Drake’s backfield now, get over it. Feeling brain is like, “but but but he was our most expensive player, it’s not FAIR”. Depends on the league, but the odds that he’ll come out and make you sad you dropped him don’t look good
  4. I don't know, but I liked the part where he said Tennessee plays a lot of zone so he predicted a Godwin week coming out of the bye haha
  5. Yep. A lot of fantasy players are so emotional and fickle. And they apparently don't understand how a guy not being able to plant his foot would be unable to throw as accurately as he usually would. Cam foolishly tried to play through his injury - yes it's great that the team isn't falling apart without him but if he waits until he's really healthy it may only take one game for all the "he sucks now, Allen is better" people to look like morons.
  6. Haha whatever, he was obviously injured, not sure why it matters that he came out and admitted it. The really troubling thing is the ascot though
  7. Haha that settles it; Bowden is a moron. Seriously though, this is one of those situations where I think the personalities of the players is going to be instrumental. As someone who missed out on Gant, I'm completely convinced that they'll put CMart at closer just to shut him up since they're not gonna let him start
  8. Yeah! No wonder they have the worst record in baseball! Oh wait
  9. You know Barnes only has 4 saves, right? Brasier still has 2 more than him and he hasn't gotten one in like 6 weeks. The way I see it, the fireman will get roughly a third of the opportunities (and only the most difficult!) while your "scraps" guy will get most of the remaining 2/3 - all the cake saves. So correct me if I'm wrong, but you want the cakewalk closer, not the fireman. I just wish he'd pick one between Walden, Workman, and possibly Brasier still
  10. I dumped Brasier and picked up Workman in all three leagues I’m in as soon as I saw he got the save - writing has been on the wall and if I’m wrong....oh well
  11. I see. It's almost like people aren't exactly alike and it's okay for them to prefer different things. Huh.
  12. Full disclosure: the first league I ever did, I was so clueless I didn't realize it was an auction. If I hadn't done that, I may never have tried one, but to me it's so much better, if you haven't done it you're missing out.
  13. I honestly believe the only people who don't prefer auctions are the ones who've never tried them. It's not even close. The only draft I've done this year so far was a YPro auction where one guy didn't show up -- the other owners immediately started using the autobots to fill his team with bench players, so awesome.