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  1. Stash and trade to a frustrated owner trying a different TE every week
  2. Have you watched football at all in the past decade+?
  3. The patriots/jags kickoff time isnt ideal. Id go with a safer option here
  4. Really inspirational story. They make movies about this kind of stuff. How can you not root for this guy
  5. He’s been practicing for 3 weeks now and a high IQ veteran that knows the playbook inside and out. Why would he need to be eased in
  6. 8-10 touches? What you smoking bro He’ll be lucky to get 8-10 snaps... on special teams
  7. Stop overthinking this. Nothing to see here
  8. Lets be honest. You won't land Conner that late
  9. Am I crazy for taking Saquon #2 overall after Gurley in PPR redraft formats? Bell, DJ, Zeke are beasts, but they all come with question marks. I cant ignore the freakish athleticism and insane upside of this kid. I must have him. Another plus is his trade value. I have never received this mush interest about a player in all the years ive been playing fantasy football. I cant wait till he explodes week 1 with a crazy 90 yard electrifying run. He will break the internet
  10. Stand firm Leveon, hold out all year if thats what it takes!!! Sincerely, James Conner owner