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  1. They're going to hold him out and showcase bigs for a trade
  2. He comes out fine in this trade IMO. He did fine when Klove Thompson Drummond and He were playing. Klove and Drummond both having achilles/calf injuries which are sketch to deal with due to so many tears recently in the NBA that follow calf/achilles soreness and pain. There's just Klove competing with him which I'm fine with
  3. Is it good to straight up trade Kelton for MPJ? BUY LOW? 9 cat H2H Categories
  4. Time to win the next handful of matchups. Calf injuries are tender bc they lead to achilles injuries and Cavs need to be careful with the old man Love.
  5. I simply don't believe in him cracking top 80 and being boring with so many fliers on the WW (12 team league) I seen him as a drop bc of the role he is in and the changes MIL made
  6. You mean their style isn't fitting him well or the matchups? They haven't been huge spreads on the games he just looks so passive when he is in and isn't playing min.
  7. He got all of his stats when not playing with both Drummond and Love together. Him being able to be their team's #1 backup at SF PF and C will give him the 24-28 min he needs to crush it
  8. Potential playoff round/league difference maker on our hands! Leash is long here, likely not needed. Can't wait for tonight's game!
  9. It pushed me over the limit to pick him up in combination of this recent game and the coach getting yelled at by Klove and badmouthing the cavs.
  10. Jesus, is he dead?!? The good news is. Jesus rose from the grave 😂😭😵
  11. His dad used to be a super Marc Gasol, the blood runs deep
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