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  1. i have Bell, and my opponent has Darnold and Ryan Griffin. So of course instead of giving Bell goal line carries, Darnold runs in the first TD and Griffin catches the second for a TD.
  2. I hate Tyler Boyd. I start him all year in my flex for his middling WR3 production. The one game I sit this bum, the most important game of my season, he has 15 points at half.
  3. Allen has been considerably better than Winston this year, so i am hesitant to bench the former, but Allen draws a tough matchup in Denver and Winston is against the Hawks. who do I start? WHIR!!
  4. Andy Reid does not believe in running the ball so it makes sense he would not want a solid runner. Much better to have a receiving/blocking specialist like Damien Williams who can block decently and plod for 0.8 YPC, despite defenses keying the pass.
  5. Houston scored THREE one-yard TDs this game. Two were passes; one was a Duke Johnson carry. It's pretty frustrating that despite the Texans being in so many goaline situations, Hyde did not get a singlle goal line carry. Just unlucky/frustrating. I'd add that Hyde set up the Duke johnson TD with a 50+ yard run.
  6. He also got the 58-yards before that fumble. And set up another a Duke Johnson TD with a different 50+ yard run. Hyde had a great game. He deserved a chance to punch one in.
  7. Frustrating how little goal line work Hyde gets. This is twice now Houston has been inside the 2-yard line, and they (1) throw the ball for a TD; and (2) give the carry to Duke Johnson. This has been a season long issue for Hyde. Usually it's Watson sneaking it in.
  8. Weather aside, it was just a horrible/super unlucky game script. It was a one-score game for basically the entire game. Washington has zero urgency or reason to pass; quite the opposite - against the superior team, I think they were more than willing to play the conservative, time of possession game, while their defense held SF in check. Washington is going to have to throw the ball if they want to win games. Their defense isn't that great.
  9. That's not really a "tanking strategy." That's just you taking advantage of a mentally challenged person, and then bragging about it. Have you no shame?
  10. The concern with the 49'ers is they're built to really dominate time of possession. I'm not concerned about the coverage on McLaurin, per se, or his ability to get open. But I do worry about a ton of three-and-outs for Washington, and the 49'ers abusing Washington's bad defense with the run. Wouldn't surprise me to see 2:1 possession time in favor of the 49'ers. I am still starting, but this, to me, will be the least favorable matchup of the year. Only up from here, imo.
  11. Agreed the bigger issue is the lack of focus on the run game as a whole - rather than McCoy's snap share. But I think Mahomes' injury helps here. Chiefs can't just air it out vertically every game. i think more short passes and carries are to come. Damien's dreadful performance should cement McCoy's lead back status. I think he has a 70% touch ceiling going forward - decent chance he can get close to that.
  12. People keep bringing up Damien's TD as if it changes anything. Then again this is the Damien Williams thread... So using infallible JAG-hype logic and extrapolation, if Damien had been given 10 touches, he would have scored 10 TDs.
  13. Are you implying the Packers will run the ball 65 times in a game? I just don't see Jones sustaining that kind of volume if the split remains 50/50 with Williams. 35 RB touches is a ton to give out. And this is without mentioning there is a very negative trend for Jones - Williams has progressively got more touches as the season has gone on. This could possibly end up 60-40 for Williams for all we know. Or 70-30.
  14. This is pretty misleading. Jones and Williams' 2018 seasons were thee tale of two halves. Jones was a RB3 for the first 4-5 games of the season when Williams and him were in a time share. Then Jones' production shot up in the following 9 weeks, while Williams barely touched the ball (like avg 5-6 touches per game). That portion of the season boosts Jones' average. But he was also the unquestioned lead back for that portion of the season, and was in a bellcow time share. Not anymore.