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  1. Man, this guy is barely 10-games in and is already banged up. Ribs from today's game, chronic shoulder issues and ankles.
  2. He's a must start.. Getting way too many targets and Broncos have made it very clear he's the clear cut option over Sanders. In addition, Sanders will be moved sometime soon.
  3. Whats the ROS outlook after his last performance?
  4. He's just bad and with his knee issues, he's just unreliable... and I never thought I'd say this but Burkhead is just a better all around RB right now.
  5. He's just not that great. However, considering he's going to be the starting back for this team, he's undeniably the #1 pick up for this week. Don't be surprised if they sign a guy tho.. but I highly doubt it since the Giants aren't really looking to go anywhere this season.
  6. Everyone hopping on the hype train?
  7. Like I said... he needs to be handled with kid gloves
  8. My goodness, this kid needs to be handled with kid gloves. Got a body fragile as glass.
  9. Anyone know the severity of this supposed knee soreness?
  10. Limping to the locker room.... looks like a possible right ankle. Took him a while to get up.. eventually needed help from his teammates.
  11. FULL PARTICIPANT at practice. Lord knows he probably won't be rushed back.. and even then no back-to-back, minute restrictions and the works...
  12. I wouldn't burn a waiver for him but it's interesting to see how long this streak can last if it even starts to begin with..
  13. Boy plays with a chip on his shoulder.. had his best year as a rookie averaging 13/3/6.. for me, he's on track to match that or surpass that this season, granted that the knicks don't screw it up for him this season with the mindless rotation.
  14. How do you go from day to day to 3 games out....?
  15. Obviously the return of Hayward will hurt his value but I can see him definitely coming off the bench for a sixth man role and still putting up top 100 value. This is obviously all hypothetical but he can be a good handcuff option if Hayward or Tatum gets hurt.
  16. Lol no one is going to buy into him. His projections have hit an all time low so even the suckers won't fall for it at this point.
  17. All discussion aside in regard to his ejection incident..? Besides James Conner, are we looking at a best potential RB waiver pick up of the season?
  18. Quite a bit of a dilemma here on who to start.. Alex Collins going up against Bengals defense? or Philip Lindsey who's going up against Oakland or Alfred Morris going up against the 49ers.