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  1. Good showing..? Potentially a good target depending on the severity of Fournette's injury
  2. Not doing so hot in this league but I'm the one on the receiving end for Wall/DeAndre.. my other center is Cousins but other than that I have Bismack as my next leading rebounder with Millsap in my (IR). In terms of PG, my only PG I have now is Rubio who isn't doing so hot either. However, I do have Ish Smith, and Tyus Jones in the mean time. Should I pull the trigger?
  3. I've never seen a draft class that has been putting up good kind of value their rookie year.. looking at Simmons, Mitchell, Tatum, DSJ (sometimes), Markkanen...
  4. In the championship rounds, lost AB which really hurt but able to pick up Bryant and Cole.. I have my line up set up as follows: is there anything you guys would change? Maybe sub Alshon out for Bryant? Let me know!
  5. He is playing like a dropworthy waiver wire right now.
  6. They already know how good Ulis is.. but the fact that they have the confidence in letting this guy out there during crunch time and starting, that just goes to show they're invested in this guy. Then again, I can be all wrong..
  7. This is the gamble we took on drafting this guy...
  8. Tragic.. there was not even much contact. He just fell awkwardly.
  9. Rumor has it that he expanded his game with a 3-point shot? Anyhow, how's he looking this year? And will the Magics raise his minutes a little considering he only averaged 28.8 minutes per game last year?
  10. We all know he gives us the occasional blocked shots, double doubles from time to time but his offensive skills is what really holds us back. But can he carve out a sneaky significant role this season?
  11. How is his season looking like now with the addition of Kyrie and Hayward? Top-50 as usual?
  12. Is he in for a typical Dame season like the one compared to last year's? He's looking like he's dropping early 2nd round this year.
  13. What's it looking like for Boogie this season? Are the Pelicans mainly going to revolve the offense around AD and if so this is obviously going to impact his ADP. Is he still late first round? Or will he get some enough to make him a top-10 player this year?