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  1. I like Diontae too, drafted him and had high hopes. I don't think Diontae being out there hurts Claypool. The only question is, has Claypool earned more playing time? It's obvious he has. I get being cautious here but you can't put this genie back in the bottle. They will get him the ball.
  2. Floors don't won't win fantasy championships. A Claypool boom week just might. This guy is the ultimate flex play right now because he's a TD threat in the open field. You really think he's going to suddenly get LESS targets or involvement in the offensive game plan? He's just getting started. I think he'll finish as a back end WR1. He already is in that range. He may have had his best game of 2020 in Week 5, but there will be more boom weeks to come and his involvement will be more consistent moving forward than it was up to this point, helping his floor. He's clearly their best skill player, Ben knows it and that's all that matters. No need to wait til next year. The future is now.
  3. Surprised based on your username you don't recommend sticking Fitz ha. Because I was thinking about doing what you recommended with Carr and Fitz. Definitely think Brady is my best bet and looking at the schedule I don't see any matchups to run away from and the playoff schedule is super tasty.
  4. Akers if you need a starting option at RB/flex in the short term, jackson if you don't.
  5. Yeah this one is tough. I agree Julio is a must start if he's playing, similar to Godwin in the one you helped me on. That leaves Boyd and Mixon. I think the colts can be attacked through the air more than on the ground. That leads me towards Boyd here. I think he should have some success working the middle of the field from the slot.
  6. Lol yeah I was thinking the same. Maybe I should hedge my bet a bit and start Claypool in the half ppr and Gibson in the 0.3 ppr?
  7. 1. Pick a flex in half ppr: Chark vs Det, Boyd at Ind, Claypool vs CLE, Parker, Gibson at NYG 2. Pick 3 in a 0.3 ppr: Godwin vs GB, Fuller at TEN, Claypool, Cooks at TEN, Higgins at Ind, Shenault vs Det, Gibson Tempted to start Claypool in both after last week's explosive with Diontae ruled out and a great matchup vs the Browns, but I have some strong options, hard to choose.
  8. 12 team league. Worst QB situation besides me of course is a guy who owns Stafford and Rivers. My opponent this week has Russell wilson on bye and currently starting Daniel Jones so he might be my main competition. We have roughly the same FAAB left. I don't think anyone else would drop substantial money, though there are plenty of teams rolling with no QB2 like I was. The Dak injury had a unique way of reminding everyone to consider grabbing a backup. I grabbed Fitzpatrick on waivers, the same waiver night that resulted in brady being dropped. Great matchup this week but on bye next week. Other QBs available: Carr Mayfield Cousins Foles Beyond those options, I wouldn't ever want to stream the rest. So it's a bit dicey to take a strictly stream approach and I think I'd rather have Brady rest of season than even an ideal combination of the above week to week. Especially with Godwin coming back. There I think that's a good amount of deets 🤓
  9. Schedule is pretty brutal. I dropped them in the league i had them and they went unclaimed. So if you want to roll the dice on them you can likely do so without using a waiver claim / FAAB bid.
  10. My opponent this week has Russell Wilson on bye and currently has Daniel Jones as his QB with just as much FAAB remaining as me. Should this increase my aggressiveness regarding my bid amount? I could effectively block his streaming play and scoop up my Dak replacement in one waiver add.