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  1. do you guys think this streak will eventually cool off? I mean he was almost scoreless for the first half of the game... I'm wondering if i should sell high right now? trying to package him to get buddy hield whos more consistent.
  2. wrong, both will impact just as usual. coach has complete trust in these guys. clarke has been a valuable piece off the bench and even starting alongside JVV. should be fine ROS as they climb the rankings
  3. holding onto him cause his blocks are elite. Needs to play a little better overall but should be fine ROS
  4. i'm so glad I didnt drop lol. he literally doesnt hurt you anywhere except for rare TO's. i love it.
  5. I wouldn't do that either.... I'm scared he might get shut down later in the season.. I just packed aldirdge + drummond + markannen for gallinari + vucevic + capela. i'm not looking back.
  6. This guy is looking solid the past 3 games... think he'll keep up top 50 value ROS?
  7. He'll still put up okay numbers but they'll develop the other players more often. That's the downside of tanking teams. I don't think you'll expect 20-20 games anymore. ehh we'll see but i think it hurts his value ros if he stays.
  8. NY and now ATL out now... I'm kind of glad I traded him away in a package and picked up gallinari+capela+vucevic. He'll still put up numbers here and there with punt FT's but a trade to a contender seems unlikely due to this contract opt out this summer. if he ends up staying in detroit, that hurts his value even more ROS.
  9. Currently in a 14 team. What yโ€™all think? Lou Will, Derozan, SGA, Garland, Gallinari, Norman Powell, Vucevic, Capela, Tristan Thompson, Brandon Clarke, Steve Adams, Myles Turner.
  10. toss up between sato or lee... but leaning more towards lee after hearing gsw might be adding some more players to their backcourt.....
  11. Currently in a 14 team, 9 cat. Got offered Capela + Vucevic + Gallinari for my Drummond + Aldridge + Markannen + Wiggins. Should I take it? need suggestions asap! Thanks!!!
  12. no way he gets dealt. Same with Adams. This team is in the playoff hunt currently 7th. It would be a huge mistake to let either of those guys go in my opinion. This dude should put up top 30-40 value ROS. solid all around just wish he gets a little more steals.
  13. Iโ€™m in a 14 team by the way. Iโ€™m looking for an increase in FT% and 3โ€™s and rebounds. Also want to package Drummond away.
  14. Received this offer. Trade my Markannen/Aldridge/Drummond/Wiggins for Gallinari/Capela/Vucevic?? Should I accept? Thanks!
  15. in a 14 team, traded harden to the last place team (scrubs + harden). threw away rondo/kanter/taurean prince to add these 4 players. my waiver is pretty dead and currently in 2nd place. team feels more balanced but definitely miss the 3's. trying to make some more trades. we'll see
  16. what do yall think of him ROS? seems a little down the past several games but wondering if I should package him... will pop sit him later on? hmmm
  17. what do you guys think about his outlook ROS? They are fighting for a spot in the West but who knows what Pop will be thinking later on.... should I sell high? Might have to pair him + aldridge for dame...
  18. Understood. For me, I'm trying to win all categories except TO. got way too many bigs Tristan, Adams, Turner, Lauri, Aldridge, Drummond, Clarke lol. def want siakam 1:1 though.
  19. would 1:1 Siakiam trade be worth it? what if drummond goes to a competitive team lol but my FT's are hurting so bad!!!
  20. man.. im trying to trade him away but seems like no one wants him at the moment... what do yall think about his stats ROS? I know it depends on where he goes but still his last 2 games were whack ๐Ÿ˜• what about a 1:1 trade for lillard?
  21. I was this close to dropping him for norman powell... but his assists/3's is just what I need all aboard!! he's a solid hold ROS
  22. I think im starting to not regret the trade.... slowly.... shai has been absolutely beasting and myles is coming through with the blocks. LA is steady and markannen is a still midround with upside. I'm only lacking the 3's at this point but so far so good. just beat my last guy 7-2.
  23. do yall think he can cruise to top 10 value soon? he's crushing it
  24. probably wont since they are fighting for that bottom tier playoff spot... you never know with pop though ๐Ÿ˜• i currently have la and derozan on my team so im cruising