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  1. I would almost go with Will Smith. I always like having a good catcher.
  2. Sorry, I should have given some info. 12 team Yahoo H2H dynasty league. Standard 5x5 scoring, but QS instead of wins.
  3. 12 team Dynasty league Who would you choose?
  4. "Where My Pitches At?" is my favorite of all time.
  5. His average may also go up a bit. He's got a good eye, and got called out on a lot of outside pitches. That may change as he gets some respect around the league. Sorry I quoted you there. Accidental.
  6. In a vacuum, I think I like side A - I think Kluber is about to be on the decline. Although, if you need pitching it could swing the other way slightly.
  7. Eric Sogard scratched 10 minutes before first pitch for the Blue Jays? Trade probably imminent. Still in the dugout, but everyone's on "hug watch".
  8. I've heard Toronto radio guys talking about Giles, Hudson AND Phelps all being moved. I think that means that Biagini would be next in line, and he's been having a pretty solid year.
  9. Looking for some advice here. Please rank these starting pitchers for who you would rather have in a dynasty, keeping in mind that I'm competing this year and hoping to win a championship: deGrom Strasburg Kershaw Greinke Sale Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm in a 12 team H2H dynasty league where my team is falling down the standings quickly - a lot of guys hurt. I just got offered: Luis Severino and Benintendi For my: Greinke and Renfroe The only thing I'm struggling with is Renfroe, since I'm not totally playing for this year anyways. Thoughts? Which side would you prefer in a dynasty?
  11. I was actually just coming on to do just that. Nice call my friend. Keep doing it since I have him on my team.
  12. Was at the Bisons Opening Day yesterday, and Cavan looked incredible in his AAA debut. HR SB 3 RBI Run scored Did a bit of everything. The HR was crushed off of Gio Gonzalez.