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  1. Dont even know if its Bruce or if its Brady since he has some say in who they play(ie AB). Regardless, this dude needs to play way more if this team wants to win.
  2. After that play, Fournette should be dropped by the Bucs and RoJo should get everything he can handle.
  3. Yahoo has it set to their standard mode. NFL does not. I know this because I has to change it for my league a few years back.
  4. That has to be Herbert audible-ing into that. No way Lynn told him to do that.
  5. What.The.... I just can’t. That has to be on herbert right?
  6. 4th and 1 for the game. Yea let me just hand off to Hunt.
  7. My god baker. Easy throw, and dude guns it as if he needed to fit it through 4 defenders.
  8. He was playing that last drive. But they did run it a lot.