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  1. Since I became a Tribe fan around 2005 I'll go with: Travis Hafner CC Sabathia Victor Martinez Grady Sizemore Pre 2005 I was a Dodgers fan so here are those guys: Gary Sheffield Adrian Beltre Eric Gagne Shawn Green
  2. ITT guys that took steroids for 4-5 years(or more). 😆
  3. Adrian Beltre. Especially as a Dodger. Dodgers not paying him is the reason I have been an Indians fan for years.
  4. Kinda scared for the season beginning now, but MLB must do what must be done. NBA took a huge hit tonight and by being so reactive instead of proactive.
  5. Only question is if that back holds up. Also lots of innings said his arm felt like a noodle at the end of last year.
  6. Can’t believe ozuna only got 1 year. And can’t believe other teams didn’t pounce on him.
  7. No, but he’ll still go top 50. His upside alone will keep him in RB2 territory imo.
  8. If he does, that is a huge win (if he pitched well) for the Yankees imo. In that scenario you get some good/great years from him and not on the hook for the drop off.
  9. How do playoffs work for #2? Bet interested in changing the league this way, but for playoffs would love to have it be one and done.