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  1. The Jays' only chance of competing in the next 5 years would have been getting Cole so that the Yanks couldn't.
  2. Regardless of whether anyone is taking him in those rounds, that’s a grand total of 6 games you’re talking about.
  3. Will they ever let him have a normal outing? 100 pitches etc? Rays are such babies. He got ONE little strain and the rays got scared, they said “you’ll only pitch 5 innings for the rest of your career”
  4. The SBs appear to be real. Pacing 21 over 160 games.
  5. Better fantasy expert advice would have been “don’t stream bad pitchers, even in good matchups, under any circumstances”
  6. Paid fortune tellers. Sounds about right.
  7. Anyone else buy into the multiple fantasy sites touting John Means this week? Already a 2 run HR in first inning. Conclusion, fantasy analysts are just as dumb as the rest of us, fools who cite advanced metrics as reliable predictive stats, and the only difference is that they get paid to do it. Fools.
  8. All of it against Orioles pitching, go figure. Fortunately, he’s got a 6 more games against Baltimore in the final 2 weeks. Unfortunately, those that drafted him at his ADP are probably not even in the playoffs.
  9. What’s wrong with that. That’s what 95% of people do
  10. Aristides the god of punishment. Answering our prayers.
  11. With impending free agency, he's of no use to any team that isn't contending, and even then he would only be claimed if he were performing at a level that could help a contender. His waiver period expires Thursday, if a team claims him before then they'd have to pay the remaining $1.8 mil of his salary. He may get picked up for the league minimum - $95k after he clears waivers.