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  1. A couple of games with lesser production..... can we expect this to be the norm with Trier etc back? Or was it due to tough opposition
  2. 9-cat league. Who’s my drop for Tristan..... Mudiay is killing it, but not sure it’s sustainable, and Winslow is locked as starting PG for next 6-8 weeks. Next weakest options are Dunn, Miro, Barton.
  3. Worth a scoop in 10-team?? Sources say he’s due back soon.
  4. Deal done. Booker, Batum, Saric for his KAT, AGordon, Portis
  5. Solid, but keep in mind Booker May get shut down or rested.... I’m looking to trade him . Even so, u win this deal getting those 3.
  6. I’ts Close but Id take Kanter here mate
  7. Booker, Batum, Saric for his KAT, AGordon. That should do it
  8. 13 views and not 1 answer? Cmon guys. Please and thanks deal is Batum, Nurkic , D Booker For KAT and Aaron Gordon
  9. HARris all day
  10. I’d drop Hezonja for Simmons
  11. His KAT, Aaron gordon My Booker, DonovanM, Nurkic