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  1. Definitely - both eligibility and health concerns....much happier with him as IF
  2. I havent seen this - I would be shocked if he isnt a starter with at least 500+ ABs....hope the negative narratives continue so he comes at a discount....def 20/20 upside
  3. Rather see Ketel in the IF than OF for multiple reasons but very excited for him to build on his breakout last season.
  4. I didnt see the Akiyama signing as replacing Senzel. From what I've heard he'll be ready to go by ST. Senzel is pretty versatile like McNeil....I could see him playing a multitude of positions. I'll be all over him at a discount.
  5. I really like Kirk on the cheap for next yr - No Cook/Thielen for a lot of the season and the OL has to be improved....I can see a path for him being top 10 in 2020
  6. great performance vs a tough d....i overthought it and got burned with Darnold on the "good" matchup - cant do that in the playoffs......feel better after this game....tough D with Denver but not as good as NE and it is home which helps....
  7. This may be Shurmur's downfall.....Jones has looked decent but to have Saquon regress like this is not acceptable....they invested a 2d overall pick in him and are paying a pretty decent amount considering its a RB....if he doesnt get going I think Shurmur may be toast.....not even Jones' development would save him.... That being said - Shurmur better get creative and quick....the play calling is brutal.
  8. Looking shaky....Houston banged up...Thurs pm....Colts D.....very nervous to start him this week.....may actually pull a hail mary and play a hot Sam Darnold instead! lol....
  9. well if it helps - it cant get much worse for him!
  10. saved his day with a late TD....just doesnt look like the same player.....
  11. he looked like his old self mon pm.....Rudolph is adequate and will get him the ball.....definite #2 WR rest of way IMO
  12. If there are owners who are actually down on Barkley - jump on the phone and try to steal him asap.......healthy Barkley is going to go wild in the fantasy playoffs
  13. Michel is going to be TD driven as usual - very unpredictable but you are looking at a weekly floor of 60 yds with upside of adding a few TDs....could do worse for a #2 and flex
  14. that offense looked absolutely awful.....its only 1 game but Im looking for plan b
  15. awful happens....still may be a bit dinged up....think he gets healthy after the bye week and is very good down stretch....i'd be buying!