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  1. The country is in a war against this virus - millions are risking their lives for minimum wage every day...and this clown cant take a pay cut from his multi million dollar pay for the good of the league and country? I wish Ted Williams and Joe D were alive to smack some sense into this guy and others who think like him....they went to war when their country needed them and sacrificed years of their career....shameful.
  2. anyone who has Mahomes in dynasty have a problem with drafting this guy 1.1? Im usually not a fan of having QB/RB from same team but may make an exception for KC QB/RB!
  3. Has anyone said how service time would be affected by this situation? Curious if usual dates would still be used or extended to match the season
  4. reminds me a bit of Archer.....always overdrafted based on potential - high upside but potential ratio killer....Im not touching unless reasonable price
  5. Nice 5 cat player going to a much better team and park? Im buying!
  6. thats the problem - he was so bad last year that if he doesnt come at a high discount the risk is too great...those 2d half numbers are team killing.....
  7. Fantasy wise - which Bauer will show up this year....big risk/big reward pick....tough ballpark as well but Reds should be better so maybe few more wins....
  8. wow what a fall from grace - not too long ago he was the #1 RB in football.....more reason to not overpay for RBs in the NFL.
  9. Realistically Yankees should cruise to a division title and only need Pax for the playoffs.....for fantasy - tough to hold a guy who wont contribute for a long stretch as there is always risk for a set back and you get nothing the entire season....definitely a late round flyer.
  10. huge news - big value increase for K Mart!
  11. Even I'll admit the recent signing is a concern.....however it really seems to point to Senzel being in trade which would be good as well....problem is his value is at an all time low which would be a lousy time to trade him....I really dont think the Reds need more offense....another solid arm would make more sense to me....should be interesting....
  12. Agreed - not saying they are identical players....McNeil much higher avg with Senzel more SB upside...just comparing in that McNail came at a discount for similar issues last yr and really paid off.
  13. Senzel can play the IF.....if he's healthy I see him as a Jeff McNeil value from last real position but the talent to put up great numbers moving around. I'll happily scoop him up at McNeil's price from last yr!
  14. ill be watching his value like a hawk - perfect buy low IMO
  15. Definitely - both eligibility and health concerns....much happier with him as IF