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  1. didnt see that commin.....figured hed see limited least passing downs....still holding s hopefully Shanny will realize this mistake and play the guy more but that was concerning....def benched
  2. definitely holding - could be a major boost for the stretch run/playoffs
  3. He's finally healthy too - he's a speed guy who just doesnt play as well when he's hurt.......this performance should at least ensure him a prominent role in the offense.....not expecting him to keep up that pace but definitely WR#3 with upside as he develops more chemistry with Watson.
  4. Wentz has actually looked better last 2 weeks - Hurts is going to be a gimmick guy like the Saints employ...way too little use from where he was picked.
  5. Just a few weeks ago he almost punched the GM about not getting a new contract......has been terrible since....tanking it or is Howie brilliant?
  6. definitely passed the eye test......I think its a 2 man show now in SF
  7. dynasty/keeper league hold for another few weeks - I still think he is hurt and hasnt had a chance to get chemistry with Watson......Im gambling he has a break out game in the next few wks....
  8. Dobbins has looked the part when having the chance....Coach is getting cute......should be a 1-2 punch with Ingram and Dobbins splitting......Edwards is a solid RB but they should have moved him when they had the chance.....its a train wreck backfield and allows none of the RBs to get into a rhythm....unless there is an injury Dobbins is toast for redraft....Im actually getting nervous in dynasty as well.
  9. The fact that the team stuck with him through both years of injuries tells me a lot - I think he will have a role....obviously not as huge as last pm but definitely Flex worthy/ Coleman and Wilson will be on the outside with Mostert and McK running as 1/1A
  10. Wentz has been very shaky but the guy has no OL or WRs....I thought he looked better last pm.....hopefully as they get healthy it gets even better- going to take some time
  11. Some coaches just cant let go of reliable vets with less upside/explosiveness....... Gore over Bell AP over Swift Brown over Henderson They are willing to give up the upside potential over reliability and experience. Hopefully Henderson forces his hand......
  12. #3 WR while he knocks rust off next few weeks.....solid #2 WR and even more upside down stretch when SF is now if the window is still cracked as its going to be shut soon if not already
  13. Tough to put up good numbers with a beat up OL. and zero WRs. Hes not going to hit his stride until 2d half of the season when they start getting some guys back
  14. Same reason the Jets went after Tebow yrs ago.....they fell in love with his athleticism and view him as a weapon like the Saints have in Hill.....also it would be insurance if Wentz got hurt....but I have to believe he was not taken to challenge him for the job in the 1st 3 yrs in any way - way overpay for that.....