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  1. He was bad again but watching that game you could tell why....the guy is getting hit on just about every pass play. The OL is about the worst Ive seen and instead of adjusting with quick strikes to combat the rush...Pederson has him doing long drop backs for routes that dont have time to develop. He obviously has the yips and is all over the place but give this guy a real OL and I bet youd see a huge improvement.....change of scenery may be a blessing.
  2. Definitely tough rush D which hurt - but as long as there are 3 in the mix he is capped at low value which stinks because he looks very good.....if they finally move on from Brown and go with an Akers/Henderson 1-2 punch at least it would give him some upside.
  3. thats who I thought of as soon as they made the pick - didnt like it from day 1.
  4. He throws deep to Agholor a few times a game...strange
  5. awful performance - Rams barely ran...split it up 3 ways again....and he was hit behind the line just about every time he touched the ball.....better days ahead hopefully but not as long as there is a 3 headed monster
  6. Another awful outing - he seemed to be in there but he is either not getting open or they wont use him....finally got him a reverse handoff and he easily gained 10 would think Gruden would want more of those to get him going but im not holding my breath...meanwhile Lamb and Jefferson look awesome....terrible job by Gruden and Raiders
  7. im as frustrated with Wentz as anyone...he has definitely been bad....but he gets crushed and rushed almost every time he goes back to pass....the OL is a big part of the problem for both Wentz and Miles
  8. agreed - Duke didnt show much but most of his runs were blown up in the backfield before he even had a chance....i may go one more game then dump