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  1. Thinking I'm gonna have to roll out Ross today, hoping the juicy matchup with Arizona is enough to get something like 4 catches for 70 yards. One of the SF beat reporters was saying how he wouldn't be surprised if Dwelley was used primarily as a decoy -- predicting that he would have a big impact on the game, just not on the stat sheet. With that said, I did see others predicting that he's in for 7-10 targets based on the thinking that the Cardinals will stack the box again and force Jimmy G to sling it around (with Brieda out that's less likely, no?). Any Niners fans or Ross Dwelley experts (😉) in here who can give us an idea of what we're in for?
  2. Anyone who knows anything about the Rams care to take a stab at his ROS or rank him against other RB fliers? From what I can tell from a light read, Gurley is a little banged up (?) and Henderson is the likely beneficiary if he misses significant time in the future, but people don't trust McVay to rely on Henderson to the point that would make him the type of RB2 that he could be if he suddenly got 15-20 carries a game in that offense. Thoughts?
  3. So Coutee is back to "healthy" after missing Week 1, anyone have an idea of what to expect from him ROS? I always liked the guy, (partly due to his name), but "Waiver Wired" had him as a drop ahead of week 2 -- I wonder if Kenny Stills' TD was enough to take targets away from Keke...
  4. I thought the same thing (even hoped it). Apparently though, his complete lack of production today is due to the fact that Luck placed a perfect pass in the end zone and Hines dropped it. Now he and Luck are in a big fight, Hines isn't invited to his birthday party anymore, and the Colts won't ever use Hines again. What a sad turn of events...
  5. Yea, nice to see them keeping him up top against a righty last night. I'm desperate for steals so I'm getting on the train. Let's go Amed!
  6. I can't roster him when he's not starting 5 straight days. Frustrating for sure...
  7. Right, I should have said "at or near the top of the lineup", cus I just meant he's back to batting 1st or 2nd. As superjoint said, he hit his way into the 9th spot; he can hit his way out of it. That's what I was referencing. Since he was taken out of the 2-hole on the 18th and moved to 9th, he hasn't batted anything but 9th before Friday. He hasn't hit leadoff in a while. AKA, this is a cause for optimism, unless you subscribe to handyandy86's theory that as long as he's not batting 65h or 7, it's okay to be batting last because he'll still have quality hitters behind him.
  8. He seems to be in a pretty good groove right now. He's back to batting leadoff. Stolen base, RBI, and run scored yesterday. In the last 15 days he's 12/40 (.300), with 12 runs scored, 8 RBI, 6 strikeouts, 5 walks, and 4 stolen bases. I can get behind this type of production as my 4th OF.
  9. ROS outlook? Not familiar with Kinsler really at all, but his low K-rate (8.3%) and low BABIP (.210) make me wonder if he will rebound after a horrific start. Thoughts?
  10. I picked him up, threw him my lineup and moved up two spots in Steals thanks to his 4 STEALS yesterday. Last week he sat twice cus of Eaton's return, but think he's worth a bench spot, putting him in the lineup anytime he starts.
  11. Dropped in my 10 teamer, finally have an excuse to drop Conforto...
  12. Anyone catch today's appearance? Saw he gave up a homer, but I'm curious how he looked in his return from the DL...
  13. I can see why you are considering it, but I would decline. Unless you really disagree with the projections below, I think you could buy low on Votto without having to give up as much. Any advice would be much appreciated -
  14. That GS cap is put in there to prevent the abuse of guys punting ERA/WHIP, going crazy on the WW and just racking up W/QS. The best advice I could give you would be to really pay attention to that "PACE". It's okay to be behind (negative PACE), but you really don't ever want to be too far ahead (positive). Right now you're -7, meaning that if you keep starting your pitchers in the way you have, you will have 193 starts at the end of the year. This is a fine pace in my opinion and you should only increase it if you can do so without hurting ERA/WHIP. A few other thoughts: This early in the season, you want to be starting as many of your SPs with good matchups as you can, but being careful and avoiding questionable pitching matchups will help with WHIP/ERA and keeping a negative PACE. If you can stay competitive in your league in W and QS while retaining a negative PACE, then great; you don't need to use all your starts. Just make sure you don't get into the last month of the season and see that you are -15 PACE and are behind in W/QS and ahead in ERA/WHIP. I apologize if that explanation is confusing, I can answer any specific questions if you have them. Any advice for my dilemma?
  15. Hey there RAZR, long time no see buddy, how are ya? I'd go Bell, Bour, Gurriel, and Deshields. I know Bell only batted .255 last year, but 1) he hit over .300 in the minors and 2) in the offseason, he was introduced to a hitting drill that has significantly improved his ability to hit inside pitching and not get jammed. I think he has a real chance to finish the year about where he is now (.285) and still drive in more runs than Bour (although Bour has the upside in pure power). I threw in 2018 projections just for some further analysis... Can you give me some advice?