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  1. 12T H2H 12 cat (FTM, PF, TEC) Went 21-1 in the season mostly with: Fox, Dragic, Payton Beal, Klay, Lamb, Brogdon/Hardaway Jr LeBron, Doncic Markkanen, Favors/JJJ Embiid, Adams Won the finals with: Fox, Payton/Favors Beal, Klay, KCP, Ellington Doncic, Harkless, Gay Embiid, Adams, Kanter, Mitchell Robinson Cruised through most of the season but of course guys dropped like flies by the time the semis came about. Barely won by 1 three to a guy that beat me in the finals 2 years in a row, then won in the finals off a tie despite winning the 5 major stat cats and losing the ones like fouls and techs. Although I won my first chip ever I’m not too happy with the settings and the fact that with those extra cats a big win or loss isn’t really reflected in the scores. I don’t mind taking a big L if I deserve it but to almost lose even though I won every major popcorn stat emphatically is not fun.
  2. How do y’all have the leeway to drop him? I could see it in 10 teamers but isn’t it kinda hard to just drop a ~18ppg mid-round pick in 12+? I guess the question is is it that bleak?
  3. Am I alone in thinking this guy just isn’t that enticing? He’s had huge minutes this season and last, and his numbers just look kinda...meh. I do think he’ll put up more than the 10/4/5/1 on barely any 3s he’s been averaging in starts but I’m finding it hard to see it being much more. Edit: ok guess not alone with the guy above.
  4. Let him go a long time ago and haven’t looked back. You would think with the way the team is structured KAT would be the inside big ala Embiid while Teague/Rose and Wiggins drive and Cov/Saric camp 3s, but instead Thibs loves having KAT stand around the top of the 3 point line watching Taj bang down low. I guess you’re either a Thibs Guy or you’re not, and as long as Taj is still breathing it’s hard to see Homie becoming one.
  5. I mean just think to yourself would you rather have a source of elite and consistent steals along with positive assists and FT Or Rotoworld darlings like Josh Hart and Danny Green who haven’t sniffed top 150 the past month but are “must own” whenever they have a game with more than 1 steal?
  6. Had to recover my password for this ish. Usually a blurb is just a blurb but you gotta be kidding me. How do you look at his stats and the elite steals that he’s been racking up consistently and type this junk out? Do better, Rotoworld.
  7. Vecsey’s been around for at least 20 years. He’s definitely legit.
  8. No idea why RW didn’t mention he had a possible concussion in their post game blurb. Made it sound like he played 14 mins for poor play when he actually left after getting clobbered. That being said he should definitely be rostered in 12+ IMO. He’s played really well as a small ball C and the Wiz seem to like him there with the extended minutes. Ride him until he falls apart.
  9. Of all the players picked by another owner right before mine, the one that hurts most is Paul George. Messed me up and made me pick Manu. I would be very surprised if this guy doesn't at least put up Batum's numbers from last year.