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  2. Yanks in on Hader? Can you say filthiest bullpen in history? Make it happen Cashman!
  3. Now sign Gardner and Betances and lets gooooo!
  4. Both! Tis the time for bold action! Sign both Cole and Strasburg. Trade Happ. 2020 Rotation...Cole, Strasburg, Paxton, Sevy and Tanaka. 2021 payroll commitments are very low right now for the Yankees...only $94.7 million committed. Of course, you have to sign your own guys who will start getting pricier after this year, but its technically possible for the Yankees to sign both, suck up the tax this year and then drop under the penalty threshold in 2021, thereby re-setting the luxury tax penalties. If you are gonna spend, spend on the top, top guys. Not on mid-carders.
  5. I'm giving up on him. The super high (for Votto) K% is the final nail in the Votto coffin.
  6. Anyone know why Blackmon was pulled in the 4th? All I heard was "undisclosed injury"
  7. He was just dropped in my league...I am watching him like a hawk for any signs he could repeat last year.
  8. My rest-of-offseason plan... 1- Sign Ottavino. 2- Trade Gray. 3- Sign 1-2 back end SP as rotation depth 4- Save money for Arenado in 2019 and Trout in 2020.
  9. Two rules we use and both have worked well... 1- We have 10 P (4 Sp, 2 rp and 4 p). The RP must actually be pitching out of a major league bullpen. It cannot be a guy who was Sp,RP designated and now is in the rotation. 2- Any SP picked up must remain on your team for 3 starts. Exceptions are injury and demotion. The SP doesnt need to be active for all 3 SP, but he must be on your roster. So you can get a SP who has a 3 game slate of NYM, @ Coors, @ SD and sit him for the @ Coors start and be compliant. We all police each other so it works.
  10. Hes a switch hitter who hit much better vs. RHP than LHP last year. That plays well in Miller Park.
  11. Id feel pretty good about this team if they add Britton and another RH reliever. Ottavino would be a dream but I don't think its likely they add Britton and Ottavino. I really don't want Machado. Give Andujar another year and if he doesn't improve go after Arenado or a short term deal for Donaldson next offseason (assuming Donaldson bounces back to his Oakland/Toronto years of production).
  12. I would sign up for that guy's estimate...250/380 with 30 HR. That works nicely at 2B.
  13. Extreme streaming became an issue several years back (my league was 20 years old in 2018, still with 8 original owners) and we adopted that 3 start rule. Its worked well for us for over 10 years because we all police each other on it.
  14. Daily SP streaming can be a problem in daily leagues. Ours dealt with it by requiring any SP that is added has to be on your roster for 3 starts. He doesn't have to make the 3 starts, just be rostered. So if you pick up a guy who has a schedule of @ SD, @ Coors, can safely sit him for the @Coors start and get the benefit of the other two starts. Its streaming but with a bit more restrictions. Only exceptions are injury and if the guy is sent to bullpen/minors. That makes a guy who was yo-yo'd this year between the majors and minors like Kingham was decently valuable as a FA because you may get a freebie start. Also, we use first come, first served with players. No FAAB. Yeah...we have a lot of moves, but thats part of the fun.