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  1. How much will it factor into all of this that keeping Hampson down is best from a contract standpoint?
  2. I wouldn’t bet on DeShields getting his leadoff job back unless he really heats up or Choo gets injured. Choo makes more sense as a leadoff hitter. He isn’t as fast as he used to be, but he is fast enough and still gets on base at a great clip.
  3. I can not decide what to make of Happ so far. The real good news is that his swinging strike % is way up to 14.3% (9.4%, 9.6% last two years) and his contact rate is way down to 68.4% (80.1%, 79.5% the last two years). Both of these two things are very good and at first glance start to justify the amazing K% that he has generated to start the season (32.0%) However, I can't really identify exactly what he is doing differently. When I look at his page on Brooks Baseball I don't see anything notably different. Velocity is in a similar range that it has been recently and nothing else jumps out either to my amateur eye. In addition, when he does get hit, he is getting hit very hard. The average exit velocity on balls in play against him is 92.5 MPH which is well up from previous season (85.6, 88.7 last two seasons). My instinct, unfortunately, is that perhaps Happ's early season strikeout boost has more to do with the teams that he has played (White Sox, Orioles, Royals last three outings) than it does with a change in any underlying skills. That doesn't mean he is not still a useful player, but I think the strikeouts may come back down to earth and Happ will look a lot like he has in previous seasons. Thoughts?
  4. I wonder if DeShields is going to get the leadoff spot back if Choo keeps getting on base at a good clip. Choo makea a lot of sense in the leadoff spot.
  5. If you are in a league with enough DL spots to carry a few injured players, I feel like he is well worth the risk. Even if you only get 125-150 innings out of him, those have a reasonably high likelihood of being top10 numbers when he DOES pitch. Calculate his numbers as if you fill those missing 50 innings with a replacement level pitcher and I think it is pretty reasonable to project that combination to outperform his ADP. Sure - you could lose him for the season due to injury but really that risk exists with every pitcher.
  6. Right - my understanding is that command is the last thing to typically return after Timmy John. So - if his velocity is down the upside (for 2017) may be capped (pun intended).
  7. I have not seen anything on his velocity - anyone know how he looks there?
  8. Picking up where he left off. 6 up 6 down with 4 strikeouts on only 25 pitches.
  9. I have not paid too much attention I him this year but the couple years before his injury I remember him being a bit of a peripherals darling that was really solid and left you hoping he would turn the corner into something even greater. The usual disclaimers about recoveries after tommy John should apply here though.
  10. Thank you! I figured there was a way but couldn't seem to get it.
  11. Is there a setting I am supposed to turn on somewhere to view the first unread post in a topic instead of having to navigate to find it? I can't find it and without it I don't have the time to keep up with fast moving threads. Very frustrating.
  12. Travisio

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    Related - who is supposed to be the better fielder between reed and white? Wondering if his long term position is really DH which would put a bit of a damper on his value.