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  1. He is a dangerous drop because of the volume and Gordon out of the picture.
  2. I must say it's amazing that Machado is balling while knowing he will be traded any minute and the better he plays, the better his landing spot will be IMO. Harper needs to relax and remember it's just a game at the end of the day.
  3. Is he creeping into keeper status. I picked him up in my 16 team keeper and keep hearing he is playing over h2os head but this seems very real to me.
  4. He should be batting right behind Harper. I would love Harper down to the 3 hole and bat the kid at cleanup.
  5. Whether you believe he is back or not, you drop your bench bat for him because this is still a 25 year old with a career OPS > 800. Hard to find a stash that can pay off better.
  6. Having owned him for the last year in my keeper, I know he absolutely kills lefties. He hasn't so far this season but it's coming. Remember he also missed some time on the DL. Benching him against lefties is asking to miss stats.
  7. My team sucks so far but I have traded for Harper and Soto. Was considering punting saves and going ham on everywhere else.
  8. Looks like a free Krush Davis off the waiver wire.
  9. He is still going to finish top 10. That will pay off his draft price. He has also been unlucky so far.
  10. Doesn't at all look overmatched this far. He knows the strike zone and has elite bat speed it seems.
  11. Miguel Rojas is getting added like crazy. Eligible a 3 positions.