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  1. As if starting this guy was not enough of a dice roll now the center is out as well? Damn
  2. Still holding only because the pats want a Super Bowl at all costs and AB is the missing piece come time for them to play B-more. Personally I feel like the gamble is more on reinstatement than anything.
  3. I can tell you an auto drafted team is rolling people in first place in one of my 12 man leagues and its for decent money. I vowed to quit if he wins lol
  4. Watch Derek Anderson get injured first play and nasty nate makes a glorious return to the field. AND HE WANTS SOME COCkTAIL......FRUIT! l
  5. As a bills fan I’m absolutely fine with it but I’d think we can do better than a fifth from a good team. Just sayin.
  6. Mahomes to put up atleast 28 with 6 pt passing tds.
  7. Maybe even more room on the field with Dorsett going down?
  8. I tend to agree. It’s a calculated move like everything else the patriots do.
  9. There’s a pending in on of my leagues for Connor + Amari cooper for J. Gordon. Seems there are people that think this guys turning back into a pumpkin sooner than later. I’m not so sure myself.
  10. I also drafted bell after not wanting to pass in the 7 spot.
  11. I think people are upset he didn’t get touches. He’s a def hold as a high end handcuff for me. Watching the game was dreadful as an owner