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  1. As if starting this guy was not enough of a dice roll now the center is out as well? Damn
  2. Still holding only because the pats want a Super Bowl at all costs and AB is the missing piece come time for them to play B-more. Personally I feel like the gamble is more on reinstatement than anything.
  3. I can tell you an auto drafted team is rolling people in first place in one of my 12 man leagues and its for decent money. I vowed to quit if he wins lol
  4. Watch Derek Anderson get injured first play and nasty nate makes a glorious return to the field. AND HE WANTS SOME COCkTAIL......FRUIT! l
  5. As a bills fan I’m absolutely fine with it but I’d think we can do better than a fifth from a good team. Just sayin.
  6. Mahomes to put up atleast 28 with 6 pt passing tds.
  7. Maybe even more room on the field with Dorsett going down?
  8. I tend to agree. It’s a calculated move like everything else the patriots do.
  9. There’s a pending in on of my leagues for Connor + Amari cooper for J. Gordon. Seems there are people that think this guys turning back into a pumpkin sooner than later. I’m not so sure myself.
  10. I also drafted bell after not wanting to pass in the 7 spot.
  11. I think people are upset he didn’t get touches. He’s a def hold as a high end handcuff for me. Watching the game was dreadful as an owner
  12. I feel like sproles has been baiting early season waiver hunters for years. I’m not dropping clement but not starting him obviously.
  13. Texted my commish after my roster locked (rain delay) and had him put in clement. That is all.
  14. Now I want t put clement in but espn locks at 8:20 regardless of the delay? That’s crap lol
  15. I don’t think it’s logical to draw similarities between deck hands on a boat or fireman and a man who is top 3 in the world at his job in a multi billion dollar industry. Cousins def rolled the dice and won. But he was getting over 20 per year as well and I feel his risk was more of having a down year and lowering his value. High volume running backs go down unless they are frank gore lol
  16. Lol this isn’t the NBA. They would never offer Bell 100 million guranteed. That’s QB money. Even Aaron Donald got 87 guranteed.
  17. Exactly. Ridiculous when people try to compare their job to an nfl player. News flash you don’t have a world class talent and you will never be worth 15 million per year lol NFL owners get away like bandits. Anyone who is a 2 way athlete and doesn’t pick basketball or even baseball is crazy.
  18. If you don't understand that ownership wants their players to hit the incentives then you don't understand business. Kraft wants gronk to grab 15 tds and be healthy all 16 games into the playoffs. If you could guarantee him that he would probably pay gronk double his salary.