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  1. That's a great trade. If all goes healthy ROS, that's a fair one. That being said, I'd take Giannis/PG.
  2. Take harden. it's a shallow league. You can always get a decent FA.
  3. This one is a bit hard. Is one of them on the waiver and you're trying to pickup? If this is that case I'd say, find a for trade Ariza and pickup SGA. Ariza has trade value.
  4. Kemba is the currently best player in that trade. And Gobert >>>>> than Capela.
  5. I might be bias because I'm not a fan of Bigs in general. But overall value, I'd rather have Doncic. If I were you, I'll inform my league that Ayton is on my trading block and I'm looking for best offer. See what value you can get.
  6. Yeah. I'd go with Nance too. I'd like to see what he can do without Cedi. If he still sucks, I'd rather stream his spot rather than pick up Melo. Help with mine?
  7. Hello Experts! How would you rank these guys ROS? Cedi Osman, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Mitch Robinson, Derrick White and Kyle Anderson. Thanks!
  8. Agree. If you're sure you're going to playoffs, by all means add him and wait. However, for other people who are losing weekly because they have a player who's not playing (and they don't have IR slot) while they're opponents are streaming like crazy, it's a tough pill to swallow. The key here is the timing when to pick him. Sure, others could pick him up but I'm not overly concerned. I know there will be "injuries" that could provide the same opportunities that he's gonna give you.
  9. If you have IR spot, yes. Otherwise, i'd wait a bit longer. Warriors have no incentive to play him early. They're winning anyway. My guess is 1st week January.
  10. I'm trying to trade this guy. Someone offered Joe Harris + Clarkson. Is this how low he just got in the eyes of other owners? Anyone else getting offers? What kind of players are you getting?
  11. He's on minute restrictions. If you look at his games two-years ago, he has about the same stat when playing 25 minutes or less. Just be patient. I think mid-late November is the right time for him to pick it up. I still believe he's a top 50 player this season.
  12. Started and put up a very nice stat-line. Worth a look?