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  1. Not a fan of either. Physically they might be two of the most talented QB's ever. But you can not compare Elway to Cam. Elway had accuracy Cam never had. Honestly ALLen reminds me of a young Elway.
  2. Agreed. If only they had a coach that wouldn't hamstring the best QB in football(IMO) for three quarters. As a Niner fan I hope Petey never changes.
  3. Odds are week 17 either 49ers vs Seattle or Balt vs Pitt will get flexed to the night game.
  4. Didn't know where else to put this. But jesus some guys just can't handle retirement i guess.
  5. Before last season in 3 games Juju played without out Brown he had 19 rec for 255 and 3 tds. He does come with the risk that if Big Ben goes down so does the offense. But he comes with extreme upside also. Especially for a guy that currently has a 7th round ADP.
  6. ?? Went 6 for 78 vs NE(the best pass D in the league). The Ben got injured the next game.
  7. The Matthew Berry drafting strategy never works out well. Remember that clown constantly touting Vick that year.
  8. Harvin last good year was 2012. Was essentially overpaid and overrated for most of his career.
  9. Think you have to expect some regression. He just had a historic season. Not sure exact points but he was very close or higher in ppr points to LT's 2006 season(greatest season ever for a RB). Really nowhere to go but down. Plus he lost his Offensive Coordinator. Even with that said still the number 1 pick hands down.
  10. He is already effective as a slot WR. But will never happen. Love CMC but by the time he is done at RB he will not have anything left. So doubt he sticks around to be a slot guy.
  11. Everybody thinking Kupp stock went up with this. Remember he put up much better stats when Cooks was playing. When Cooks did not play Kupp was 9 for 88 in three games.
  12. Unbelievable. Won't pay Hopkins a top 3 WR but will take on the two worst contracts at their respective positions. What a idiot
  13. He was great last year and I think the coaches will trust him at the goaline this year. Now that Gore is gone. But you still have the Allen factor who will vulture alot of rushing TD's. Think where he is getting drafted late 2nd to 3rd round is about right. That is as long as they don't spend high draft capital on another back.