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  1. Don't see how the justify keeping Lewis at 4.6 when they are gonna have to pay Henry top dollar. Better off drafting somebody cheap. Not like Lewis got much playing time anyway.
  2. He will be playing for some correctional facility team next year. ESPN's Cameron Wolfe reports Hollywood, Florida police are investigating Antonio Brown for possible battery. The incident is related to a dispute between Brown and moving truck workers. Brown has yet to be arrested but this is another bad look after he was involved in a "domestic disturbance" last week. The league is still investigating Brown for multiple allegations of misconduct from earlier this year. Brown's unending legal troubles continue to put his career in doubt.
  3. Ah ok. Have just seen so many people speculating on him actually going somewhere next year. Depending on the contract he wants. But if he wants a Gurley or Zeke type deal. I franchise him two season then let him walk.
  4. He’s not going anywhere. He either signs long term or gets tagged
  5. Very true. Between Henry and Brown they are a big play waiting to happen on offense.
  6. Craziest thing about this run Ten has had since Tannehill took over is you would think they would dominate time of possession. Its been exact opposite. They have only had more time of possession in 2 of their 9 wins and are around 27th in league over that time.
  7. Kareem never shot that at a high rate athleically. He was just taller then everybody and had longer arms. Just like every tall player that played. Hell Wilt was 7 feet playing vs far less athletic guys then Duncan. Wilt must of been a sub standard ball player in your standards.
  8. Yeah and if Kareem had Webb's arms the most unstoppable shot ever would of been blocked every time. Its a ridiculous argument.
  9. Please show your draft board. Makes no sense to draft him first round when your guaranteed to get him second and probably could of in the 3rd.
  10. Lol thats ridiculous. Every center would of sucked if they weren't TALL. Hell all Shaq could do was dunk. Unlike Duncan he had no shot or go to move. Duncan was very fundamentally sound player. Some would say one of the best ever.
  11. Not true. He averaged a target per snap at rate of 23.2 his first two years. This year he averaged a target for every 25.2 snaps.
  12. He played with Moss for 2 seasons(only one when he got a motivated Randy) and Gronk while hands down the GOAT TE only played 16 games once. Rodgers and Manning have/had consistently had top notch weapons throughout their careers. Same can't be said for Brady.
  13. Understand what your saying and yes they only went 9-7. But you also have to look at the fact they are 9-2 in games both Tanehill and Henry started.
  14. Usually don't agree with the over the top Henry lovers. But come on how can you criticize the coaching. They just beat the Superbowl favorite convincingly. They should keep doing what they are doing until it doesn't work. Which I have a feeling will be this game. Just can't see beating KC with 15 passing attempts. PS Dion Lewis had a catch in the Pats game. So Henry's target share is 75% in playoffs.