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  1. LIke 1 and 4. Not sure about your roster. But if your ok at RB go for number 4 and MT. He's a leagues winner your getting cheap.
  2. I would go with option B. Hebert is amazing and maybe he won't slow down. But he is by har the best rookie QB ever at this point and odds are they figure him out.
  3. Drop them??? you kidding me. At least trade if you have to get rid of.
  4. Yeah Bell was the best RB in football before Gase
  5. Yeah Jones. Is right there. His injury history and usage in games the Adams plays put him right below zeke for me.
  6. I agree this sucks as a Elliot owner. But besides Kamara, Henry and CMC who would you take over him?? Maybe Cook. But Cook has injury issues. I would still take Zeke at the 4 spot. By far the best part about him is he has not got injured so far in his career.
  7. Ha. Was just about to write if you can get Swift for Tannehill then do it. But no way for Russ. Good job.
  8. With Bell signing and Julios big game nobody would make that trade.
  9. I wouldn't mess with your team. But if you must hard to say without knowing his team.
  10. Seems like a overpay to me at this point.
  11. He was last year. But does not look good this year. As alot of his value was from receptions and for some reason Philly doesn't pass to their RB's anymore.
  12. Ok. DIdn't see it heard on radio. Made it sound like he fumbled going into the end zone