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  1. I saw somebody else reference this but I don't entirely understand. Tennessee is in a dead tie with Pitt, with Steelers holding the tie-breaker. If Titans lose and Pitt wins, won't they be in a huge hole going into next week? Anybody have any links that could explain this to me like I'm five years old?
  2. I'm a Tanny owner and I briefly considered switching to Fitz when I saw the Henry news, but I'm going to roll with Tannehill this week. Hopefully Henry's absence will result in a significant spike in volume for Tanny.
  3. Thank you for being a good and reasonable admin!!! * *Season long thanks
  4. Definitely Mostert for me. He's hot and has a good floor. Thielen hasn't shown that he can play a full game yet. Perriman has a nice ceiling but is a big risk in my opinion. Fuller is always a potential bust. He's too tough to start over these other options.
  5. I'd go with Beasley despite the tough matchup. Monty at flex.
  6. Man, you are loaded at WR. If Chark plays, I would probably plug him in there over Landry this week.
  7. God, that is so tight in full PPR between Boone, Mostert, and Hunt. I think I would ultimately leave Boone on the bench. Mostert is absolutely killing it lately and Hunt could see a huge compliment of snaps and targets in a potential blowout. Boone is in a nice spot, but I would have more difficulty trusting him in championship week than these other options.
  8. It looks like Cook and Mattison will both be out, so I would roll with Boone rather than start Singletary v. New England.
  9. Definitely Tanny at QB. He's become much more reliable than those other options and probably has a better ceiling as well. Those WRs are close. Difficult to trust OBJ with that matchup. Deebo is a nice choice, but I think ultimately Slayton is likely your best bet.
  10. Some nice options there, but I would feel best about starting Mostert.
  11. Both guys have nice ceilings but I would lean towards Brown for sure. The disparity in QB play between Tanny and Haskins trumps the matchups.
  12. My God, what size is this league? You are loaded. I would get Aaron Jones into the lineup. Difficult to leave Drake on the bench but I think you have to.