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  1. Orphan available. 1st year free. Looking for someone to take over an orphan in a 14 team league in an ongoing blind bid auction. This year will be free. 2021 dues are $25 and will need to be paid when taking over team. Previous owner dropped out during blind bid draft auction. Current assets are S. Barkley, C. McCaffrey, Allen Robinson, & M. Ryan. Definitely a rebuild team. Has all of it's 2021 picks. We use LeagueSafe for all payments. Let's discuss. Next round of blind bidding is 1AM, Sunday. DM or email: rdykhoff.fb@gmail.com by-laws: https://www75.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=10294&O=26 league scoring: https://www75.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=10294&O=09
  2. NEED ONE.........if you are on the fence best jump in. We will start the blind bid process as soon as all in and paid.
  3. In the rules. If you have ever had monies DURING regular season to blind bid on free agents then you know how this league operates. Out first yr, we will conditionally blind bid to fill out inaugural rosters. We have $500 to spend our first yr. initial roster and during the season. The key word is "conditional". If you don't get your 1st choice, Mahomes $48, you have Watson as your 2nd choice at $41, if you don't get him, you have your 3rd choice, and so on. Has examples rules link above
  4. All Blind Bid Dynasty League start up. 14 teams, superflex, $25 entry fee (2nd yr in advance), league safe. NO DRAFT! Blind, conditional bidding to fill first yr roster before start of season and also continues through out season. PPR. .07 for RB, 1 for WR, 1.3 for TE. Read rules and scoring system carefully and email me for invite. Co-commished! Rules: https://www75.myfant...ns?L=10294&O=26 Scoring: https://www75.myfant...ns?L=10294&O=09 For invite please email: rdykhoff.fb@gmail.com Or post your email here for invite...........