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  1. You want to always play to your strengths. Is your FG% a strength? Defensive numbers? Then go with Giannis. If you excel in 3s, a good FT%? Go with Lillard. It's more of a strategic decision rather than value on the player alone.
  2. In a roto, 20 team league. Obviously depth is important in a league this large. That being said, which side has more value? Opinions are appreciated
  3. I'd probably toss Prince and add VanVleet. I would also keep close tabs on Gary Harris. I'm surprised he's on your waiver wire in a 12 team league.
  4. I would drop Giles for Layman. Thanks for your help on my topic.
  5. Yes I would take Jabari. Vonleh does not have much upside.
  6. I was offered Middleton for Markkanen straight up. I am in need of some extra dimes, but with the addition of Mirotic I'm unsure if this would be a good deal. Markkanen has been on fire and his value won't get higher, so should I pull the trigger? What do you all think?
  7. Pull the trigger. Embiid has been a stud all year and he will help you with those stats.
  8. Would definitely hold. Ingles is on a cold streak, but you'd be even more frustrated with the inconsistency of the other two players if you picked them up.
  9. In a Roto 14 team league. I am in need of help with all stats. Which side is getting the better deal?
  10. Otto can't play worse than what he's been doing. I believe he's been top 50 the past two seasons. Otto is the best player of the bunch, but this is a fair deal for the most part.
  11. Aminu is a big headache to own. You never know what you'd get. Both are end of the bench players in 14 team leagues. That being said, I'd go with Tucker just because he plays heavy minutes.
  12. PG over Kawhi, Toronto's depth and babying of Kawhi will diminish his value.
  13. I would pull the trigger on the deal.