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  1. This is such poor management of their platform and technological incompetence by ESPN. It is not that difficult to add top players/prospects to the pool on a website. This creates havoc/competitive balance issues in keeper dynasty formats. As much as I appreciate how they handled Ohtani (treat him as one player, not a SP/DH split) this unfortunately is a major problem such that I'd want off this platform unless they come up with a fix next year.
  2. This is just a bummer as a fan, Ohtani was one of the best stories of the season. Fingers crossed it isn't worst case, but given the fact he had a UCL flag when he came over it's hard to be optimistic here.
  3. Agreed - this isn't a move you make if he's not going to play. The Nationals are probably feeling the pressure of Harper's pending free agency/a more competitive NL East race than they expected, so while I think this is definitely a move motivated by the burden of winning now, Soto wouldn't have been called up unless the determination was made he was a better starting OF option than what else was available. He certainly has a ton of potential, my only worry (as it would be with any hitter that young) is he has not seen the type of breaking stuff MLB caliber pitchers bring on a daily basis. It's going to be very interesting to see how this goes.
  4. I think the concern about his hip is a lingering one - out of the bullpen they can manage his innings better. That said, I'm loving the spike in velocity on the FB, and curious as to whether that's better health, being able to dial it up for shorter stints, or both. Getting an Andrew Miller type vibe off him as a multi-inning weapon out of the pen.
  5. Options seem to be (1) Gordon to 2B with Motter/Heredia/Romine getting the OF starts, or (2) calling up Motter or Beckham to play 2B and leaving Gordon in CF. I'd personally go with the first option, but could understand if the call is to leave Gordon in CF since that's the long term plan.
  6. Jeez, this is getting ugly. Haven't seen a ton of Cardinals games, but is there scuttlebutt that the shoulder injury didn't respond to the non-surgical plan as hoped? Granted, Carpenter is 32, but even if he's in age related decline, this is a pretty dramatic fall off the table.
  7. Rookies who start hot like Romero are always interesting in redraft leagues - do you ride it out and hope that he has harnessed his talent at an early stage, or is now the time you look to sell-high? Question most readily applies in redrafts, if you have this guy in a keeper/dynasty the price is going to be high. Some great comments in this thread, I agree with the general consensus that, health permitting, the biggest factor in Romero becoming a high end fantasy SP is the development of his changeup. It sounds like he's eager to learn/take instruction and emphasizing the development of that offering, so that's a good sign. The slider and fastball are flat out unfair as it is, if he can develop the changeup into even a league average pitch, he's got a heck of an arsenal.
  8. Good freaking grief, this guy is a monster. Congrats to all those who got a top tier SP in his last year of affordability, straight up dominant
  9. I'm with you, but the biggest thing with Zunino is, while hopefully there are some improvements with the Ks, he is going to whiff A LOT, even in this "three true outcome" era. Plus, to this point in his career, he has been wildly streaky. If you don't carry a second cather, that can be a couple weeks of pain in your lineup. That said, the only catcher with his level of raw power is Gary Sanchez, who you have to spend a lot more draft/trade capital on. On the teams I own Zunino, I definitely looked for BA/OBP at my other positions, but if you go with more of a AVG/OBP/speed group in the OF for example, he's a great way to balance out the power on your roster.
  10. Annoying - he's a notoriously slow starter, but had been solid considering that. The one foul ball on the toe later, and he's been day to day for 6 games. I have to think he'll be soon, because otherwise he could have hit the DL by now. Hopefully nothing more serious than some pain and/or irritation that needs to subside.
  11. He reminds me of Strasburg in terms of the size/stuff profile, but good grief he is light years ahead of where any teenager should be. Inherent pitching prospect injury risk aside, this is a no-brainer target in dynasty/keeper leagues.
  12. That's where I see him spending time if he ever becomes a semi-regular MLB field player in addition to his pitching duties - although, so long as he's not a guy who needs to play in the field to get a hitting rhythm, DH is pretty ideal. He looks like a legit top of the rotation guy much earlier than I expected (trusted the stuff would get him there, but didn't think he'd transition this smoothly as far as approach), just too valuable to risk him in the OF
  13. Rotoworldwhoever wrote that blurb needs to go next level and steer into this. I don't care if Haniger is on pace for a triple crown/MVP, I need daily updates denigrating him as "deep AL only bench heat". Example - "While Haniger went 4/5 with 4 home runs in interleave action against Clayton Kershaw, it should be noted he weakly grounded on in his third at bat and the HRs only went several rows deep into the left filed bleachers. Ride him out, but be ready to drop once this regression persists."
  14. If you have a DL spot, he's worth it. Even with a bad start/being sent down last year, he provided a ton of power from a C spot that can be a fantasy dead spot outside the elite options. Unfortunately, oblique injuries can linger - my hope is the team errs on the die of caution with his return, last thing they need is a revolving door DL situation with him.
  15. Every time I am halfway tempted to tell you that you shouldn't be so negative about this team, I'm reminded it's the Mariners.