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  1. Joe Torre grounds into 4 double plays in one game. Blames Felix Millan for getting on base too much.
  2. Condensed schedule will make all “strictly catcher” catchers part time players.
  3. My gut tells me they could do maybe a two week training and start the season with expanded rosters.
  4. I suspect it may have to do with spring sports being cancelled and players getting another year of eligibility. Also, no scouting trips.
  5. Winston v Detroit. As long as you can live with the pick six
  6. Seems strange to think of benching Mahomes for playoffs
  7. I think Lorenzen might be their best pinch-hitter.
  8. It has not been in place forever, it is not all of a sudden, and this is not the place for this discussion.
  9. Hope the injury is just serious enough so his owner in my league will drop him.
  10. Personally, I dropped him. Planning on adding him back when/if an IL spot opens up, but not expecting a major impact from him. Obviously rooting for him from a human perspective.