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  1. Actually, I need the games to be cancelled. Ain't happening.
  2. I would think Cook would be on IR if it was going to be five weeks.
  3. Has a decent floor in PPR, so it depends what you are looking for.
  4. If Brady knew what down it was, he would have had another catch. That would have saved his day.🤢
  5. Landry is still recovering from off season surgery.
  6. The Chiefs would be changing for two teams.
  7. 3 flex league. Starting him over Dobbins, I think.
  8. Did Trent Williams get all the old doctors fired? I really hope he got clearance from competent people.
  9. What round do you think he goes in? 6? 2? 13? I'm guessing 7.
  10. Love to see him play and not get hurt.
  11. I have Snell, but I think McF is the choice
  12. What's worse : Giants offense or Cowboys defense?