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  1. Russell Martin might be the new Dodgers closer.
  2. See below: "Jeff McNeil popped a solo shot for his first major league home run Tuesday in Washington. McNeil took Tanner Roark deep in the seventh inning to cut the Nationals' lead to 19-1 and it looked at that point like the Mets might storm back to win this one. Unfortunately, the Nats wound up plating six more runs to squeak by 25-4. McNeil has started five straight games and although this is the first contest where he really did much, he should be on deep league radars given his numbers in the minors this season."
  3. Tough matchup on the road vs Scherzer and a lot of power from the left side of the plate today. So far this year he has delivered in these spots. It will be interesting to see if he can continue to keep it up the rest of the season.
  4. Do postponed games count against games played limits for roto leagues? Feels like they shouldn't, but I've never actually sat down and verified it.
  5. The AL East is a tough beast to conquer. I think we see Severino's ERA approach must closer to 4 this year. It takes a pitching God like Sale or a run of very favorable luck to do well. Severino's biggest bonus of all is that he doesn't have to face the Yankees. If he was on the Rays, I think he's a 4.5 ERA pitcher.
  6. He's going to be lucky to make it through 4 innings at this rate.