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  1. Kimbrel is making this an adventure, again
  2. 76 pitches this outing, should be GTG next time
  3. He was pulled after 60 pitches in his first start. I hope he goes 80 pitches for the W but it's risky
  4. The back surgery he had in the off-season was somewhat serious. It will be interesting to see if he can regain his form as they do not tend to improve like after Tommy John. MLB back surgery study
  5. "Appearing Tuesday on SportsNet 590 The FAN, Toronto journalist Joey Vendetta said that the Toronto Blue Jays offered the righty $300 million. “I heard from a reliable source, a very reliable source, someone that knows the front office, that’s involved in the running of the team,” said Vendetta. “They offered $300 million dollars to Gerrit Cole to become a Toronto Blue Jay.” I want to believe this is true...since he was never signing in Toronto without a severe overpay there is little downside in spreading this rumor.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out, if you could do this every time he slumps that should help
  7. When Rogers and Romo need a day off it's a strong possibility he'll close
  8. Derek Fisher for Biagini, Sanchez and Cal Stevenson. Could be worse, but Atkins isn't impressing in trades. Another project quad A guy.
  9. Pretty sure that was Trevor Richards, who is now gone. So maybe a committee headed by Garcia now
  10. Jarlin Garcia seems to be the guy in Miami
  11. Martin, although that should change within the next hour