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  1. A bunch of guards which I need them for asts unfortunately like Napier and even Damion Lee which has been getting a decent amount. If I wasn't hurting for ast I would've dropped Napier.
  2. I was crazy enough to drop Doumbouya for him. If he stick in the starting lineup he's just much more consistent.
  3. I just don't trust new yorks 3 pg lineup. Plus Rondo seems better at shooting from deep this year.
  4. Rather have Rondo than Payton personally if he can stay healthy.
  5. Next week his minutes limit will be raised to 48 can't wait for that.
  6. He averaged 0.3 blks last season in 27 minutes, don't think he'll get many of those unfortunately.
  7. I have this guy and Lavine today don't think my opponent is very happy.
  8. Gonna miss his stls but I had to drop for Huerter, too inconsistent and will lose his starting job any moment.
  9. He has 6 total steals his last 12 games. He may have gotten quite a few deflections this game but doesn't mean he does it every game. If he did the steals would be there over 10+ games.
  10. His line isn't bad today, but considering it's against the Wizards with no Dragic and Winslow, I'm not optimistic. Plus his steals have really dropped off.
  11. Probably time to drop for the ones that still held onto him for this long.
  12. Getting a bit annoyed Wiggins is taking more shots and possessions than him.
  13. Happy I drafted this guy round 4 and picked up Conley from the ww.
  14. If only they could combine his offensive game with Draymonds defense and rebounding.
  15. Think its both. The system isn't that good for fantasy especially for pgs. Lots of times he's just standing around like a sg and Mitchell is a ball dominant guard that needs the ball. Bogdan for some reason is also chucking up a ton of shots on this team. If Conley started for like Toronto or something I'm sure he wouldve put up good numbers.