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  1. Hong kong also sent every hk resident over 18 $10,000 in hkd. It's helpful if they aren't stopping rent/morgages.
  2. As much bad things that came from China, couple things that China and South Korea and many other countries has done much better than us are having many many more testings done, and also separating people with the virus from people that doesn't. What we're doing right now is barely any testings being done, and self quarantine when we have symptoms or already infected. We can't all self quarantine either or you risk being fired, so then you're forced going to work while being sick. While in self quarantine, staying at home most likely you're also spreading it to your whole family rather than being separated into hotels or hospitals etc. Some cities in the US can only do 20 tests a day, 20! In Korea they average about 20,000 tests a day. We are so far behind and unaware that I highly doubt things will get better sooner rather than later. China also locked down subways, restaurants, etc. etc. while having the infected separated while most Americans are still going to work without a clue if they have the virus or not.
  3. I'm most pissed about people buying up the hand sanitizers and then some reselling them for $30-40 a bottle.
  4. Not just him but everyone else that think oh this is just a flu or thinks that they have a low chance of getting it randomly.
  5. This pretty much, I'm horrified of getting it because I don't wanna get it then give it to my parents when they're already 65+ with my mom having heart problems. I can't imagine how I would feel if for instance I got it and then my parents got it and needs to be hospitalized in serious condition. I also work at a casino with lots of people coming still with no notice of closing off yet. Never been so stressed in my life.
  6. What if he actually got the coronavirus? Then they gonna shut down the season, at least for the warriors.
  7. Had Gary Harris last year while also streamed beasley for a bit was saying Beasley should be starting as he's more talented people were calling me crazy and give HarryG more time.
  8. Always thought the warriors need a center like this guy, probably out of their price range in the summer.
  9. Not really "fine" to get it cause even if you don't die from it, it's permanent damage to your lungs and who knows how bad that is.
  10. Don't own him but I think he will play when Steph does to build chemistry with Steph Dray and Wiggins together.
  11. I think Gary Harris when he used to average 2 spg. Because I had him on the down year and Conley this year. I should just never draft a guy thinking he's a lock for 2 spg again.
  12. A bunch of guards which I need them for asts unfortunately like Napier and even Damion Lee which has been getting a decent amount. If I wasn't hurting for ast I would've dropped Napier.
  13. I was crazy enough to drop Doumbouya for him. If he stick in the starting lineup he's just much more consistent.
  14. I just don't trust new yorks 3 pg lineup. Plus Rondo seems better at shooting from deep this year.
  15. Rather have Rondo than Payton personally if he can stay healthy.