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  1. https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/jhxq3xbxkc9omxdx/rules I'm looking to start up a college league with about 20 teams. It'll be free. Keep up to 3 players each year. I have about 10 owners already interested/signed up. No draft date yet but the timer will be about 3 hours to pick. If interested email kirk1970@hotmail.com
  2. 5 year dynasty on Fantrax with at least 1 opening. 20 team league, h2h points league. We use real life salaries. No penalty for dropping a player. 30 man active roster with another 30 minors. We have a 5 round minors draft in October for the MLB June players draft players and our minors will expand 5 more. $4 league dues covers the site. The league is active, challenging, and competitive. It is open all year long and trades are done at any time of the year. MLB team names is the theme. I'm looking for someone that is active. We use the chat, message board, and email. SP's have a 10 per week limit Hard cap. The team open has Rizzo, Machado, Marte, McCutchen, LeMahieu, Bieber, D Hudson, Carrasco, Weaver, Gore, Gorman, Chisholm to name a few. Several good prospects, pieces to work with. Its not gutted. A couple other teams may be available, waiting to hear back from them. If you are interested, email kirk1970@hotmail.com. Ask questions or need more info, just let me know. Thanks
  3. The leagues are on Fantrax and are dynasty leagues. League dues are cheap and just cover the premium fee but they are both competitive. Just setting a lineup a couple times a week won't get it done. It is a dynasty league so they stay open all year. Trades, free agency. They are all head-2-head points leagues1. One league is a salary cap and uses all players. $4 dues. 20 team league. 30 man active roster and 25 minors. Salaries are real life salaries. No penalties for cutting a player. Yearly draft (5 rounds) for the June player draft is held in October when the league rolls over. Minors increase each year by 5. MLB team names are the theme there. 10 starts Hard cap for starting pitchers.There are 4 teams available. All the teams fall within the top 6 in draft order. Not bad teams, just owners that barely played. This league is competitive and a challenge. A. Cubs. Muncy, Segura, Blackmon, Senzel, Tucker, Contreras (x2), Darvish, Lambert, Quantrill, Keller, B. BlackSox. Carpenter, Urshela, K Davis, Wong, O'Neill, Stanton, L Castillo, Gonzales, Greene, Woodruff C. Braves. Abreu, Semien, Dahl, Chatham, Chisholm, J Rodriguez, Happ, Chapman, Morejon, Sale, Eovaldi, Mize D. Arizona. Bryant, Anderson, Springer, Garver, Rogers, Pederson, Bohm, Franco, Keller, Keuchel, Toussaint2. One league is American League only. It is a salary cap also. $8 dues. 10 team league. 30 man active roster and 50+ minors. Salaries are real life salaries. No penalties for cutting a player. Yearly draft (5 rounds) for the June player draft is held in October when the league rolls over. Minors increase each year. Minor League team names are the theme there. 8 starts Hard cap for starting pitchers.There is 1 teams available. The team has the 1st pick in draft order. The #1 pick has been traded but has plenty of picks. Not bad teams, just owners that barely played. This league is competitive and a challenge as well. The team has Garver, Encarnacion, Gallo, Correa, Rosario, Calhoun, Goodrum, Morton, Allard, Singer, Kowar, plus a lot of youth. Needs some work but has promise.3. The other league is free. 18 team league with a 40 man roster. No minors but they are coming. A 5 man minors roster will be drafted in February. You can carry as many minors as you want on your 40 man. 12 starts Hard cap a week for pitchers. There is 1 team available currently. It has a good mix of prospects and veterans but has struggled with injuries and an owner that disappeared. It will have the #2 overall pick in the February draft. Team has Olson, Moncada, Seager, Meadows, Ozuna, Longoria, Gorman, Flaherty, Freeland, Sale, and Wacha to name a few.Let me know if you are interested. kirk1970@hotmail.com
  4. Dynasty league on ESPN. Free. 18 team league with 40 man rosters needs an owner to rebuild team. Teams willing to trade. League has been going for 6 seasons. H2H points league. 12 start max for SP. Minor league team themed. Email kirk1970@hotmail.com if interested. Team: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=11119&teamId=6
  5. Fantrax league with a yearly $8 league dues needs a replacement owner. This year is paid. It is American league only dynasty. We will have a draft in October after the league rolls over to add from the June MLB draft players. 10 team head to head league with a salary cap. When players are traded or moved to the National league, the team will be compensated. 30 man roster with another 40 for minors. The team has a lot of Cap room and some good players. Gerrit Cole, Ohtani, Verlander, Altuve, Zunino along with prospects of Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar, Austin Hays, Stephen Gonsalves. Email kirk1970@hotmail.com if interested.
  6. 1 team opened up in this league. Team is drafted. open team
  7. 5th year dynasty is looking for 2 replacement owners to join a 20 team league. Head 2 head, points league. 40 man rosters. No drafting. The league starts with a waiver wire. Team 1 has the 5th waiver pick and Team 2 has the 2nd pick in the waiver order. Competitive league with active owners that trade. Free league. Max of 12 starters per week. Email kirk1970@hotmail.com if interested. Thanks Team 1 Team 2
  8. New for 2018. I'm looking for 5 more owners for a competitive league. It will be held on Fantrax and dues will be used for the site. This league we will use MiLB(minor league) team names (past or present) for our team names. It will be an American League only player league. This will be a 10 team league with 4 teams advancing to the playoffs. League dues are $8. I want to keep the league affordable but competitive. The idea of the league is based on what Minor League teams face each year. Play to win a Championship, but have the MLB Trade Deadline play havoc with the last few weeks. You could benefit from a key player joining your team for the final run. Or you could have a player from your team be traded away for prospects. ROSTERS: We will have a 50 to 70 man roster. 18 starters (9 hitters & 9 Pitchers). A hard cap on 8 starts a week for pitchers. 12 Reserves for a total of 30 Active players. We will also have 20 - 40 players for minors. And a 5 person DL. SALARY CAP: There will be a Cap of $160 million starting in 2018. No contract years but real salaries of MLB players. Salaries will change yearly and will vary through the off-season with Arbutration going on up until the season starts. Actives and Reserves will count towards the Cap. Minors and Injured Reserves will not. The Cap will go up or down the percentage of what MLB salaries do. So if MLB goes up 1.6%, then so do we. If they go down, ouch, thats gonna hurt. 2018 salary cap is $160,000,000 (players average salary is $4.47 mil, we will be above that) FREE AGENCY: Players can go in and out our league. Players from the NL will go into waivers and can be picked up at any point. Same for International players. If your player goes from the AL to NL, then that team will receive compensation. A top 20 Hitter and a top 20 pitcher will receive a 2nd round pick. All other free agent losses will get compensation at the end of the draft. MLB TRADES: If a player you have gets traded out of our league(to a National League team), you lose that player. BUT, you get what comes back in the deal. Example 1: if you are the only team affected by a MLB trade for example having Yu Darvish, you lose him but get the 3 prospects that came from the LA Dodgers. Example 2: if you are the only team affected and have a player and he was part of a multi-player deal (and no one else has any other players involved) that aquires 1 or more players, you receive everyone in return for the player. Example 3: if you have a player and he was part of a multi-player deal (with other owners in the league involved with their players), the owners involved will select the player they get based on worst to 1st records in the standings. Like a draft Example 4: if a player you have gets traded, but you don't get any returns. Your team will obtain a compensation pick in the following draft. The comp pick will still fall in draft order and not who loses who 1st. If the player you lose is a Minor league player with no one returning in a MLB trade, the comp pick will fall at the end of the draft and stay in draft order. If the player you lose is a Major league player with no one returning in a MLB trade, the comp pick will fall at the end of the 1st round. (A 2nd round pick basicly) DRAFT: The inaugural draft will be a 50 round draft consisting of 30 active players and 20 minor league players. Each year we will hold a Rollover draft. It will be held in October. This draft is intended for the MLB Prospect draft that is held in June. No players from the June draft will be allowed to be picked up before this draft. We will hold a 3 Round draft each year with additional rounds for compensation picks. (It really is a 5+ round draft) Compensation rounds will be a 2nd for Major league players lost and extra rounds at the end for any Minor league players lost. Rounds 1,3, and 4 are the draft pick rounds. Rounds 2 and 5+ will be for player compensation. No players eligible for the following years MLB Amateur draft can be drafted, unless they were previously drafted by a MLB team before. Draft order would be worst to first for the New Year Draft. They will be based on the Final Standings at the end of the year. Email kirk1970@hotmail.com if interested