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  1. Thanks guys! Im torn because it’s a two QB league. It’s going to come down to Jackson and Carson.
  2. Your league mates are going to use the Zeke holdout as leverage, and I doubt any of your offers will be worth it. Stand pat and hope for the best. help...
  3. He’s “eh” on that team. Not a main guy with what you have. Help?
  4. I would play it safe and get Julio. What if Zeke gets suspended again for something dumb or holds out longer now because of the owner comments? Help me?
  5. My options are the following: WR | Christian Kirk - 16th Round RB | Dalvin Cook - 14th Round QB | Lamar Jackson - 14th Round WR | Mike Williams - 13th Round RB | Chris Carson - 12th Round WR | DJ Moore - 11th Round TE | Evan Ingram - 11th Round QB | Baker Mayfield - 11th Round RB | Marlon Mack - 9th Round My obvious two are Mayfield and Cook. However, I’m not sure about my third, which I’m debating between Moore, Ingram, Carson and Jackson. Who should I choose, and who would your three be?
  6. I think Dede is the safer bet out of the group, but if I were going for gold, I’d go Davis. ^ HELP
  7. I’d roll on Dalton and the Bears D, even though they play NE. HELP ^