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  1. Can anyone recommend a service that allows for Leagues to re-draft on a weekly basis? Due to the shortened season, I was hoping to just set up a league where a draft is held every Sunday night or Monday morning with no roster moves and the highest amount of points wins. I am having trouble finding any services that are able to provide something similar to this. I wasn't sure if this should be posted in Bench Coach or League Finder so I apologize if this is the wrong place.
  2. My suggestion was that either every player is always on waivers until they are put up for bid and then there is a 24 hour bidding period, OR every player is on waivers until Sunday at 11 am and any players that were bid on are claimed and any players that were not bid on remain on waivers. I am in an ottoneu baseball auction league with 40 man rosters and every single player must be nominated to bid, no straight pick ups. Thats what I thought all FAAB/Budget fantasy leagues were. It makes no sense to me to have FAAB but also allow free pickups for more than half of the week, especially when major injuries can happen thursday fri or sat so far, 9 out of 10 pickups have been free FA pickups.
  3. So I recently joined a 12 team dynasty auction league. Rosters are 27 players, where you start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, K, DEF (10 active players). In the memo sent out prior to the draft by the commissioner, he stated that we would have $100 worth of FAAB to bid on players that were not drafted. There were no more details other than that. Long story short, I draft Luck, and obviously he retires last night. I was asleep when the news broke, so when I woke up, naturally I went to nominate Brissett and bid on him using my FAAB. This is when I discover that the commissioner set the waiver rules to only use FAAB from Sunday - Wednesday. Thurs/Fri and Sat, any players not put up for bid become free agents that can be picked up instantly for free. Since the news came on a Saturday night, Brissett, who went undrafted, was sitting in the FA pool for free. Within minutes he was picked up, along with all of Houston's backup RBs that werent drafted. Again - all of these players were added for free, instantly. I proposed in our leagues group chat that we change the FAAB to a blind bidding system where players are continuously on waivers and if someone wants a player, they should be put up for 24 hours (I thought mostly all auction leagues using FAAB did this?) but the commissioner said that owners should be rewarded for receiving the news first and adding the player. I conceded that I should have read the rules set on yahoo prior to the draft and that I will have to deal with not getting Brissett, but I wanted to make it more fair going forward. Are most auction leagues that use FAAB set up the way this commissioner has it, or do they usually have it the way I proposed?
  4. Thanks for the help on mine. You still have Pham/Kepler in OF other than your starting 3 so I would obviously do this move if the other owner wants to. Cant imagine why an owner would hold Kluber all year only to trade him for Franmil Reyes though...
  5. Team in sig. I was offered Max Sherzer for my Nola and Albies..would you do it? Leave a link and I WHIR ASAP!
  6. The rosters are 9 position player starters (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, UTIL) 8 pitchers, 6 bench. 3 IL Spots, 1 NA spot for a minor leaguer. Team C (traded deGrom for Chavis & Addell) but is only 14.5 games out of a playoff spot with 13 weeks to play. There is a cap on the amount of player adds you can make per week, which is set at 3. After the trade, his only pitcher in the top 260 players is Gerit Cole (at 92). deGrom was his next best pitcher at an overall rank of 261. His pitching was not deep, and it sure isnt now. His starting lineup would now be : C - Sanchez, 1B - Hosmer, 2B - LaStella, 3B - Lemahieu, SS - Bogaerts, OF - JD Martinez, Michael Brantley, Trey Mancini, UTIL - Paul deJong. He would have to fill in Chavis over Hosmer, LaStella, or Lemahieu
  7. You need to relax with the sarcasm. Obviously i'm not wiretapping people in my league but a little investigation and conversation with the involved parties can sometimes reveal certain details that show the motive of the trades. If I didn't care or was ignorant I wouldn't be posting in this forum for opinions. In general, the league is extremely active and competitive, so lopsided trades are not the norm. These trades have raised suspicion amongst members of the league. It isn't my job as a commissioner to babysit people and the deals they make. I am merely asking if these trades are lopsided ENOUGH to warrant me either delaying the trade and investigating it or completely vetoing them.
  8. I am a firm believer in not vetoing trades just because I may think they are "dumb." As long as there is no collusion, generally, I don't even think twice about approving trades. However, 2 trades were accepted in my league last night that I found suspicious. Team A and Team C are brothers. Team B is a close friend of Team A and Team C. This league is a 10 team head to head categories keeper league. Team A is in last place (6 teams make playoffs) Team B is in 7th place. Team C is in 9th place. The first trade is : Team A receives Gleyber Torres (Round 15 keeper) and Martin Perez (Round 15 keeper). Team B receives Chris Sale (Cannot be kept) and Carlos Correa (Round 14). The second trade is : Team B receives Jacob deGrom (Round 5 keeper) Team A receives Michael Chavis (Round 15 keeper) and Jo Addell (Round 15 keeper). Team A receives Gleyber Torres & Martin Perez Team B receives Chris Sale, Jacob deGrom & Carlos Correa Team C receives Michael Chavis and Jo Addell It isnt even June and they seem to just be dumping all their top players to Team B for "keepers" who they likely arent even going to keep.
  9. Soo hes already blown those power projections out of the water...what do you project as a realistic ROS statline after his scorching hot start? Is 25 bombs a possibility or has he been lucky
  10. **UPDATE** The offer has changed to : His Jacob deGrom & Sean Doolittle for My Joey Gallo & Chris Paddack The innings limit on Paddack scares me and I will probably not keep Paddack anyway (we can only keep 3 MLB players) so I think I like this trade as well. Would you do this? WHIR!
  11. I would start by benching Gordon for Marte lol. Marte has been hot lately and Gordon (other than the game he hit a GS) has really cooled off. Your SP is extremely deep but you only have a few closers.....i'd look to move a SP to get a top of the line RP in return
  12. I believe Pablo is the best pitcher on the Marlin's staff. I'd take him over all of these guys. 2nd would be Strahm for me. Help here?
  13. Cole appears to have found his groove so there is no way Dejong can net you him at this point. You MIGHT be able to get Strasburg back for him but I doubt it. Thats where I would start though. If he wont bite on that, I would be okay with trading Dejong for Boyd. help here?
  14. I would definitely swap Barnes for Swarzak. Do NOT pick up Hansel Robles. I watched a ton of him last year as a Met's fan and he is hot GARBAGE. The first time you see him point to a walk off HR as if its an infield fly you'll want to throw your remote through your TV. help here?