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  1. I'm staring at Rodgers or J. Allen. Chip on line. O/U at 53.5 for Pack game. Should I be more worried about the weather?
  2. You should always go for the QB upgrade. It you can't trade Tua for a lot then you should definitely be drafting a qb again. It would mean Tua sucks.
  3. Shaq did not dominate MJ and Hakeem. MJ and Hakeem did not dominate Bird and Magic. I'd consider Shaq a modern elite athlete.
  4. If I'm Drake I'm not rushing back. Would want to get as close to 100% as possible and try to show something at the end of the season to warrant a contract next offseason.
  5. Ravens must get asked about Edwards all the time in trade talks. Seems obvious.
  6. If you are going to go for it on 4th you might as well throw at least on third.
  7. Didnt they give hime huge money then 3 months later he has an arthritic knee? Maybe they are blind.
  8. I know teams can make space but is anyone under the cap right now by a decent amount?
  9. I cant recall. Was their david Johnson is rusty talk last year? Bell is 27. Darnold, anderson and crowder not bad. If anything they decent and need to rely on Bell as the tipping point. People off on this one.
  10. Anyone expect engram to survive a lot of production?
  11. Their is a better way to do team defense but it doesnt revolve so heavily on points allowed. I dont think it should either. Defenses shouldnt be penalized because their team's offense is so good leaving them defending so many possessions and in then prevent for long stretches at end of game. I prefer adding stats like forced punts and turnover on downs. Nothing is perfect. But I think it adds juice more accurately rewards winning defenses. Footballguys had a great article on it years ago. We did it one year in my league but owners couldn't handle a defense giving up 21 p
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