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  1. hello guys, I have a league on fleaflicker that needs 6 owners for a dispersal draft. it's a standard PPR league with 12 teams. the fee is $20 through Leaguesafe and we have a group chat on GroupMe. here is the link to the league here is a link to the google sheet where you can see the dispersal assets. the dispersal draft will be done here, and after that is finished the whole league will have it's 2020 rookie draft on fleaflicker. if you're interested, please leave your email, or email me, or contact me on groupme with this link: if you're planning to join, you must be ready to pay on LS and join the chat. hope to see you guys soon!
  2. Hey,

    Just giving a head's up...Entry fee for Heroes vs Villains went down to $25



  3. there are orphans available in this 10 team dynasty league with an anime theme. $20 through LS, with a league chat on WhatsApp. this is a 1QB league with 3 flex spots, point per carry (0.20), and a tiered PPR setup (0.50 RB, 1.00 WR, 1.50 TE) along with yardage and scoring bonuses send an email to if you're interested in claiming a team, and I'll send links to the LS and WhatsApp. we'd like to be able to have our rookie draft soon after the NFL draft
  4. This is a great opportunity to join one of the most fun themed leagues on Fleaflicker. This league is a 12 team superflex IDP league with huge 55 man rosters and a 10 man taxi squad. The buy-in is $20 through Leaguesafe, and we have a group chat on Whatsapp. Our league also has unique rules, such as the concept of 'Power'. The forces of good and evil will battle it out all season in order to compile as much power for their side as possible, in order to gain cash and draft prizes. dispersal assets: league constitution: if you're interested in joining email me we are looking to start the dispersal draft as soon as we are filled!