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  1. I would probably blame this one on Casey as well. I know it seems to be the theme, but looking back to his Raptor coaching days, I swear he tries to teach his bigs to play more straight up positional defence and not take gambles defensively. Gambles or providing help defence can cause deflections, blocks and turnovers. I remember with JV, Ibaka and Amir, I would always wonder why they offered such fewer blocks then in previous seasons. This could be the case with Wood.
  2. Can't say there is much pick-and-roll in the Knicks offense. There is a lot more isolation. The Knicks are running the same system as they did when Ntilikina ran the point. Watch the games. Don't assume that there will be this dynamic duo of Payton and Randle running pick-and-rolls all day and night. Last night was a prime example. 30+ points for Randle and only 4 assists for Payton? Payton is miles ahead of Ntilikina when it comes to running the point. His confidence and his aggressiveness are the big differences. I actually hope that the Knicks trade Randle and Morris at some point so we can see Payton being absolutely unleashed.
  3. I sold Kevin Love for Bertans a few days ago. He will continue to feast as he's earned Scott Brooks' trust.
  4. I could be wrong, but Wood is a lottery ticket at this point. Even with Griffin and Drummond on the bench last game, Wood played less than Maker and Morris. Detroit is trying to win basketball games and Casey trusts his dependable guys to win. Casey is a stubborn coach when it comes to trusting players. He trusts Griffin, Drummond and Morris. We have all seen how he trusts Wood. Some nights he plays 25 minutes and other games he plays 10 minutes. This is not something new from Casey. He jerked around several guys in Toronto that had good fantasy potential (Norm Powell, James Johnson, Jonas Valanciunas etc..). I would monitor the situation closely, but it would take a lot for Casey to change his tune on how he feels about playing Wood. Don't hold your breath.
  5. I think Conley is the quintessential roto point guard, but his struggles this year are beyond the norm. I used to own him a few years back and thought of him as a perfect PG1 on any roto squad. His low turnover, high steal game with moderate assists was perfect for any type of team build. Can someone provide some real insight on Quinn Snyder's system in Utah. I watched a few games and noticed that there is a lot of high pick-and-roll action and a lot of iso-ball between Bogdanovic and Mitchell. Almost zero ball movement. Any of this action does not benefit Conley as he needs usage in order to maintain effectiveness. Also, why are his steals down? Does Snyder not allow his guards to take chances on gambling for steals. Seems pretty weak schematically as they do have one of the best rim protectors in the league. Any thoughts?
  6. Gotta start talking about him being the biggest 1st round bust
  7. I sold him a couple of days ago with Delon for Bagley and Ball. Memphis looks like a mess and their coach is becoming more delusional than Fizdale. The rotation of Clarke and Valanciunas is something to worry about and the minutes based on his foul situation look bleak. No doubt do I feel the potential is there, but I don't think we see some consistent production this year.
  8. I offered Lebron for Curry and it got rejected. The guy also has Kemba, Russell and Booker on his team.
  9. 5x5 (OPS) 10-team H2H Here is what I got offered: Goldschmidt and Bennintendi for Betts and Vogelbach Which side wins?
  10. He is going to start to hit very soon. Baseball is a long season. Hold tight boys and just have a little faith!
  11. He will start spanking them soon. His hard hit% and his line drive% are too juicy right now for his average to be so low. If the baseball gods pour some Goodrum then I think we could see a 15/15 season with strong BB% rates.
  12. I still think there is a buy low opportunity with some people that drafted and were not happy they ended up with him. Looking at how hard he is hitting it, the reduced swinging strikes, and the improved walk rates I think you could potentially see a 3rd/4th round talent.
  13. Hey guys, first time posting here in a couple of years. Please let me know if I am getting a good deal here: Giving: Cody Bellinger Mitch Haniger Getting: Mookie Betts Aaron Nola Robinson Cano The guys Im giving are killing it and I am a FIRM BELIEVER in Bellinger as a breakout. Should I be getting more or is this good?
  14. Watched him pitch... Has a great split-change that he has trouble locating. His fastball is very flat. He doesn't have consistent command. He routinely shakes off the catcher. Not buying. I don't like SP that you have NO CLUE what you are going to get from them.
  15. In last 4 games he has: 1. Lowered his Swinging Strike % to under 5% 2. Upped his Hard Hit Contact % to 30% 3. Upped his Line Drive % to 55% 4. Stolen 2 Bases 5. Walked 5 times, Struck out Once Now this is a very small sample size, but he is being more selective, recognising his pitch, and hitting the ball harder over this time. Worth a shot to add to see what else happens.