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  1. Normally this would be an easy decision in keeping Gordon, but with holdout still looming I’m definitely concerned. I don’t want to end up with a Bell situation. If I decide to not keep him, I have mike Williams as my back up with a 10th rnd pick value. No tyrell Williams, and potentially Gordon could give him a lot more value. I also have the first pick, and will be drafting kamara. 


    What would you you guys recommend?

  2. 10 minutes ago, Fort4242 said:

    So far this year Denver has attempted 288 passes (not including Sander’s throw).  Of the 288 passes, 166 have gone to WR (58%). Keenum attempts 36 passes per game, and if we assume a 58% target share for WRs, that’s 21 targets per game for the WR position.  I imagine Sanders and Sutton get AT LEAST 7 each.  That leaves 7 more for the rest of the WRs.  And if this season is any indication, they haven’t used anyone outside of Sanders/Thomas/Sutton much at all.  Patrick has 6 targets on the year.  Hamilton has 3 targets on the year.  Maybe without DT they lean on Patrick/Hamilton a little more, however I don’t see a massive uptick in targets for those guys.  I think 10 targets for Sanders, 8 for Sutton, and 3 for Patrick/Hamilton is a decent estimate. 

    That is some great in depth analysis.

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  3. 1 hour ago, philnutz said:

    I'm with ya, but the shanny family loves to play injured players. I might still play mostert and hope he gets enough action to get me 10 points or I could get crazy and play Doug Martin. Hopefully more news comes out before the 3pm games.

    I’m in the same dilemma, but instead of doug Martin it would be Richard for me.

  4. 2 different leagues 


    12 team .5ppr 

    - traded brees for cooper

    - after cooper was traded to cowboys I sent him and njoku for diggs 


    current team: 

    qb: mahomes/baker 

    RBs: Gurley/Chubb/Hyde/Richard/mostert

    WR: juju/diggs/Lockett/t.williams/Parker/


    TE: kelce 


    10 team ppr league 

    traded Ingram to Kamara owner for j.gordon 


    qb: wentz/winston

    rb: Gurley/mixon/Michel/k.johnson/chubb

    wr: green/Allen/gordon/Galloday

    TE: burton