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  1. I would sub panthers D over pats. With van noy hurt pats D has been suspect past 2 weeks. Also, any other options over Wallace?
  2. I would hate to have hunt on the bench, but with the matchups you gotta go with zeke and kamara.
  3. Bell, Lewis, Murray and Foles http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689712-qb-flex-help/
  4. .5 PPR league Pick 1 QB: brees vs Falcons Rivers vs Jets Bortles vs niners Pick 1 Flex: riddick vs bengals cole vs niners stills vs Chiefs WHIR
  5. In a 12 team auction league where you had $200 to spend. Typically a 1st rnd RB will cost you about $70, and the 4 players below cost a total of $85. Easily some of my best bargains that helped me get to the championship. hunt $28 Mccaffrey $26 hill $14 landry $17
  6. After Big Ben just put up a 500 yard performance I have a 10 PT lead with either Landry or stills against his cooks and drake. Don't feel confident my team will hold the lead.
  7. I'd roll with bortles with that matchup. Any other options available? Foles might not be a bad option either vs Giants. Jimmy G already taken?
  8. I'd lean with Landry since hogan is coming back from injury, but in a similar predicament as you.
  9. .5 PPR league I'm currently sitting on a 10 PT lead, can start 1 WR. Thought I was sitting pretty until Big Ben decided to throw for over 500+ yards, and now I have to worry about drake and cooks on MNF. I've had my mind set about starting Landry, until my lead dwindled and starting to have doubts. What do you guys think? Play it safe and stick with Landry, or take a risk and go with stills? WHIR
  10. Man.... I have both green and riddick. Have no idea who to go with.
  11. I gotta thank my girlfriend for being a Toledo rockets fan and having me watch their games. The one rookie RB I wanted to draft the most after watching him in college the past 2 years.
  12. My girlfriend is a Toledo rockets fan so I saw Kareem Hunt quite a bit. The guy stood out every game I watched them play. It'll be interesting to see if he'll get a chance to take west's role.
  13. I was about to ask the same thing, and how Julio is ranked ahead of OBJ?
  14. You can disregard my previous stupid post lol Is it just me or after the top 5 picks it's a lot of risky options minus a few? Injury prone players, rbs with great potential handcuffs, potential sophomore slump... should make it interesting how people draft after the obvious picks.
  15. Switch from snake draft to an auction draft. It's such a better concept, and have a chance to get any player you want, rather than hope you're in the top 3 for one of the best rbs.
  16. Starting him with confidence. Have started him the 2 past weeks, and doing it again.