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  1. I have Hollister in my lineup over him right now. Still debating it.
  2. I'm considering it. Matchup can't get much better. Not surprised that he didn't do well against the Patriots but he should have a solid performance this week.
  3. [...] His matchup looks much better next week but it's hard to trust him now.
  4. My 11-1 team just got eliminated by a 6-6 team who I previously had beaten by 60. I have top 5 players at almost every starting position and still got steamrolled.
  5. I learned that the DST position is stupid. Played in one league without it and it was much more fun. Losing because your defense got negative points is one of the worst aspects of fantasy.
  6. QB Jameis RB Jones/Sanders WR Hopkins/Adams Flex Penny (maybe Samuel)
  7. So I'm currently in a two week long playoff matchup that started last week. My team is 11-1 on the season and has destroyed almost every other team in the league, but all my players pretty much forgot to show up last week and now I'm in a 40 point hole. My team had their season low in points on the first week of our playoffs. I need to set my flex and I've narrowed it down to two choices. This is full PPR. James White vs KC Robert Woods vs SEA I sat both these guys last week and they both had monster games. Now I'm trying to decide which one has the best chance to repeat or come close to their last performance. Right now I'm leaning towards Woods but it's such a tough call. WHIR and thanks in advance.
  8. I really hope he can do this again next week. Dude owes it to all of us owners who have held him the whole season.
  9. My team went 11-1 and led the league in points scored by almost 300. Averaged around 165 points per week. Broke 200 twice. Our playoffs started today and I scored 90 points. Luckily it's a two week long matchup so I still have a chance but I'll be climbing out of almost a 40 point hole.
  10. How's everyone feeling about him this week? He's had a pretty solid floor since joining AZ.
  11. Anyone starting him against the Cardinals?
  12. Not only was he the biggest first round bust, most of us took him first overall. That draft spot is cursed (DJ a few years back) unless you were smart enough to take CMC with that pick.