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  1. Matchup against the Jets next week might get him back on track, but I'm hesitant to start him after the past two weeks...
  2. Scary matchup this week vs TB. That run defense is dominant... I wouldn't be surprised if Jacobs is held under 50 yards on the ground just based on what Kamara, CMC, Aaron Jones etc. have done against them. He really needs a TD or two this week to have a good fantasy performance, since the receptions haven't really been a big factor so far this season. Still starting him obviously but I don't feel good about it.
  3. I need Josh Allen to outscore Tyreek Hill by 2 points (PPR). Feel like I have about a 50/50 chance.
  4. Good point, didn't check the targets, just his actual production. Still, he only got 3/4/4 targets in weeks 1/2/5. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come but you can't deny he's been extremely inconsistent. Also, how many of those targets were behind or at the line of scrimmage and would've led to little to no yardage? Seems like he had a lot of 1-2 yard catches today.
  5. Wells at least it wasn't a goose egg but still not a great fantasy day. I think he's a bench going forward unless you're in a really deep league. Zero consistency.
  6. I think I'm gonna start him. I have a few other decent options, but Chark is a guy I put a lot of faith into in the draft and I want to believe he can still turn this season around. If he burns me this week I will likely bench him until he strings a few good games together.
  7. I agree with the overall consensus here. Henry, Jones, Arob, Golladay, Hunt. You have some great options. Good luck!
  8. Anyone starting him? WFT has been good against WRs this year and with that dominant front 7 I could Daniel Jones having a terrible game.
  9. PPR league. Need to choose a flex. Both have good matchups. Both had duds last week. Chark is injured and may not play, so obviously this question only applies if he is active on Sunday. Who would you start? My other option is Slayton, but Washington has been good against WRs this year. WHIR!
  10. This guy is extremely frustrating to own. The one decent game he's had all season came after a week in which he barely practiced and was looking questionable to play. I benched him that week. This feels like the same situation again, but I'm still not sure if I trust him enough to start him if he plays based on the extremely inconsistent target share he's had this season.
  11. I'm not 100% sold on him being super valuable if he goes to the Cheifs or the Bills. He would be stuck in a time share on both teams and competing for touches with good backs who already have a defined role in the offense. Sure he could end up being a stud on either team, but I'm not completely sold. I think I'd keep Gaskin, who is playing like a RB1/2 and seems to control the backfield on a surprisingly good Dolphins offense. Re: Julio, it's a frustrating answer but I think you gotta start your studs. Sure he may put up a dud but we're basically guessing every week and I think Julio has a better chance at a good game than anyone else.
  12. Ingram was dropped in my (full PPR) league, trying to decide if it's worth putting in a claim for him. We use FAAB and I'm pretty low (about 20% remaining) but I'm not sure he's worth picking up even for free. I already own Dobbins and I'm holding him in the hopes that he takes over the backfield late in the season. My RB depth is pretty good already, I have: Jacobs Sanders Mixon Singletary Dobbins Akers Not sure who I would even drop for Ingram or if he's worth picking up considering my depth. Is it worth it? Let me know what you think and WHIR.
  13. I need Diggs to score 14 points or less. That would be his worst game of the season, so I'm not very optimistic.
  14. I think he's a hold for now, his first two weeks were great and he got concussed last week, then last night the entire ATL offense looked putrid besides Gurley. Not sure there are any better options on the WW with his upside.