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  1. I have no issue with his rebounding and defensive stat hustle this year but I really hope he can get his FT and even FG back to where they were last year.
  2. Anyone have any insight on the FT% drop so far this year? Did he change his style? I had a good feeling he would bounce back in rebounds and blocks but this FT shooting is really hurting.
  3. Definite 3 and D potential and he seems to be able to hit his 3s without really being set which seems like a good sign. I suspect there will be some very quiet nights mixed in though considering he isn't guaranteed to continue starting, he is racking up fouls and he has such low rebounds and assists.
  4. I am interested in his upside though his rebounds seem shockingly low so far this year.
  5. Nurk's fantasy stats per 36 so far this season, and in the preseason, would be easily the best of his career. At least if Collins cools off a bit I can see the potential for Nurk to go on a pretty beastly run.
  6. I am very encouraged by his play. He looks very composed out there and doesn't try to force things and do too much (I am starting to wish he would try to get his a little more). His increased minutes the last few games were both garbage time though so it is likely to go back down. It is at least encouraging that Doc is giving him extra minutes in blowouts which can give his value a small bump.
  7. He is inside the top 50 and putting up great stats per minute. No idea why you are not playing him.
  8. Yep he tends to get it going more and more as the game goes on. Its rare he doesn't go on a hot streak at some stage even if he starts off cold shooting the ball.
  9. Damn. Ankle roll. Did anyone see how serious it looked? He was playing really well so far.
  10. Need the PF eligibility in ESPN though to make him perfect!
  11. Yes it was mentioned he started for Luke Babbit. Babbit out with a back injury. Great news that John is being considered for multiple positions now.
  12. Do you think we can get him PF eligibility yet? Any way to request on ESPN?
  13. Is there any way to make it so only players recently dropped get to be bid on? It seems like there is that option in football?
  14. My league is trying FAAB for free agents for the first time but it is not working as expected. We thought after the waiver period the players that were not bid on would go to free agents that can be picked any time. However, it looks like every unowned player stays as a waiver to be bid on every day? Can anyone confirm if this is how it works for espn?