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  1. I am down 52 points. I have Brandin Cooks, Rex Burkhead, and the Patriots D/ST going tonight. Slim chance, yet still possible. Crossing my fingers.
  2. That is not a bad recommendation! Hmm...Maybe Kamara/Engram for Evans?
  3. Rest of season, I would prefer either Hill or Crabtree. The Vikings offense is unpredictable. I think Hill/Crabtree will be more consistent scorers throughout the rest of the season. I like Hill more since he returns punt returns. Please help!
  4. You can always offer D. Carr for D. Johnson. Outside of their previous game, the Raiders offense has been bad. Your original proposal, you are definitely giving up too much! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/679834-help-trade-a-kamara-for-k-allen-whir/
  5. I would go with Philip Rivers. The Panthers offense is unpredictable. Rivers is going to throw a couple of TDs for sure because he will be passing a lot against a terrible Pats D. It is either going to be a high scoring game or Rivers is going to be taking advantage of Garbage Time.
  6. I would definitely trade Kamara for Mahomes and then trade Winston. QB's tend to play longer than RBs. Kamara won't ever be a 3-down back. Mahomes is taking over the reigns next season and will definitely be exciting.
  7. This definitely sounds very fishy; HOWEVER, it is not the worse trade ever. It is definitely in a grey area. I would allow the trade even though I definitely disagree with it.
  8. You may think these trades are fair, on paper, but they are not sexy and will probably get turned down by the other owners. Try focusing on one position that needs the most help. Don't try to fix multiple holes in one deal.
  9. I need help with whether or not I should trade Alvin Kamara for Keenan Allen. Is there any real benefit in doing this trade? Current Roster QB - Alex Smith RB - Le'Veon Bell RB - Kareem Hunt WR - Brandin Cooks WR - Kelvin Benjamin TE - Cameron Brate FLEX - Ezekiel Elliott D/ST - Ravens K - Harrison Butker Bench WR - DeVante Parker TE - Evan Engram RB - Alvin Kamara WR - Will Fuller V QB - Darek Carr RB - Aaron Jones
  10. Absolutely. They are just being petty. Zeke is going to be playing pissed off. I think he's going to have a huge season.
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