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  1. I made a trade involving Taysom Hill this weekend. After they changed his eligibility and when the trade was supposed to process today, it got cancelled. This is some BS.
  2. It was close, and the outcome was close. I don't think you made the wrong decision.
  3. If you can limp into playoffs I'd rather hold Golladay. He won't miss more than one more game if he even misses that.
  4. Godwin. He's Brady's safety net and consistently receives a healthy target share. He's the safest play of the three.
  5. I was just offered the following trade in a Full PPR league where we start TWO flex positions. I'm heavily considering this trade since I'm banking on ESPN removing Taysom's TE eligibility next week, and the return of Ekeler who I think will feast. I send: James Conner, Taysom Hill, Josh Reynolds, Younghoe Koo I receive: Austin Ekeler, Will Fuller, Adrian Peterson, and Gostkowski My current RB situation is Josh Jacobs, Nick Chubb, James Conner, and Devontae Booker My current WR situation is Keenan Allen, Diontae Johnson, Kenny Golladay, Jamison Crowder, and Josh Reynolds My current TE situation is Hockenson and Taysom Hill (I'm almost positive ESPN will remove his TE eligibility next week)
  6. Fuller even though he has the inferior matchup. He's been too consistent all year, and even in a bad matchup he's still the #1 option whereas Mike Williams is not.
  7. Ballage and Gio. Duke's fantasy value relies too heavily on whether or not he gets in the endzone, and the Texans don't target their RBs as heavily as those other two teams.
  8. Big Ben. The matchup is too good, Stafford is injured, and the Vikings will be running the ball too much for Cousins to match the upside of Big Ben.
  9. Bridgewater is out so you're rolling with Hill.
  10. Fuller and Chark. I'm not starting Moore without Bridgewater. That group of Samuel, Robby, and Moore is too erratic to tell which one will hit on any given week, much less a week without Bridgewater.
  11. Gio. He's more involved overall as the Bengals actually target their RBs more often than Houston does. Also, I think Duke's fantasy value relies too heavily on whether or not he scores.
  12. McKissic due to a floor play, and Chark due to a ceiling play. I wouldn't play Moore without Bridgewater.
  13. Lions. Don't start the Falcons D/ST because they're garbage, and don't start the Saints because the Falcons have a good offense. Lions are the safest play since Bridgewater is not playing, but to be real with you all these options could screw you over. I'm just siding with the Lions due to the least likely option to screw you over. None will win you the week.
  14. McKissic due to the floor and Bridgewater sitting.
  15. Higgins and Meyers are the easy calls for me due to their matchups and high floors. It's a tough call between the remaining options. I'm probably leaning Ahmed based on last week, but I do think he's in danger of losing work to Breida. It's tough, but it's between Taylor and Ahmed. Taylor has a great matchup....I just don't trust him. If he's going to do something, it's against Green Bay though. Definitely start Higgins and Meyers. It's a gut call on Taylor vs Ahmed.