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  1. Lamar Any starting WR in an Arians' offense is fantasy gold, and any TE in an Arians' offense is a DO NOT DRAFT.
  2. Is there any hope that Anthony Miller does SOMETHING?
  3. I don't need 20, but damn Miller you gotta get more than 1.2 points.
  4. I just need Anthony Miller to get to double digits. Is that too much to ask? I'm really wishing I had just played Sterling Shepard or Greg flipping Ward at this point.
  5. I would start Boone in any format this week. He's a must play across all leagues IMO.
  6. It's fine as is. You've already got the best options slotted into your starting lineup. I wish there was a better QB option than Minshew though. I really think he does terrible, as does the entire Jaguars offense.
  7. Both RB matchups are bad. I'd probably roll with Gurley and just hope he scores. He should get more scoring opportunities than Drake will, and that's really what it comes down to. Henry is the choice at TE with Everett back to steal away playing time from Higbee.
  8. Boone and Freeman. Boone has a matchup against a bottom 10 run defense and he'll be getting volume. Freeman has a soft matchup. Brown has an incredibly difficult matchup against Lattimore, and Lattimore has only given up a combined 64 yards on all routes covered over the last four games. I just don't trust Mack.
  9. Absolutely not. Lattimore is a very bad matchup for A.J. Brown. I'd rather have Edelman's volume. As far as McLaurin is concerned, you're relying on Haskins. I'd just play Edelman. It's a safer floor.
  10. I think you have to roll with the 49ers. You already know the 49ers get enough pressure on teams to force turnovers, much less sacks. Goff is one of the best matchups for elite defenses like this. I think they're a must play simply due to the sacks and turnovers they'll produce. I don't really care how many points they give up. Denver will probably hold Detroit to a lower score, but I doubt they match the 49ers in the other two more important categories.
  11. Boone and it's not close. It not being a PPR league makes this an even easier decision. I'd play Boone over the likes of Melvin Gordon if that tells you anything. He's got a bottom 10 run defense and he's going to get volume. You can't ask for a better opportunity play.
  12. I should roll out DaVante Parker over Edelman, despite whatever weather the Miami game incurs right?