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  1. The stars finally aligned for Kyle Tucker to get playing time and it all gets squashed by coronavirus
  2. I've seen ramos fall far in a lot of drafts and I don't know why.
  3. I wouldn't draft him, but hopefully we get an announcement
  4. The cost to gamble on his late career breakout is worth it imo
  5. I like his value at his adp better than any of the top 5. I think he’s safer than Verlander and Scherzer, the old guys being great is an anomaly historically speaking, but not sure if I take Buehler over them in redraft.
  6. Your pitching staff is doing well and your offense stinks because you took 3 pitchers in the first 5 rounds
  7. I suppose his ERA was 4.13 but his FIP was 3.55 and he's getting drafted behind guys with ERA and FIP above 4
  8. I think he's ending up as a SP3 more often than not but sure
  9. Thought that the Mets were down playing it
  10. Was wondering what I'm missing about this guy that gets him ranked so low? I usually see him ranked between 70 and 110 for top SPs. Wins - as good as anyone WHIP - better than average K - worse than average ERA - better than average Innings pitched - probably 150+ since he's come close to that last 2 years and looks likely to win a rotation spot He's basically Kyle Hendricks with a bit less certainty who gets ranked in the 30s for SP
  11. Yah career year at age 22 no where to go but down
  12. Well his obp last year was about 8 points above average and if he can raise it 15 points he's a 340 obp guy with ++ speed so saying that doesn't play at lead off is insane
  13. He had several weeks to rest it I don't know why the concern
  14. I think he's just not that good and bound to wash out of the league in 3 years. 3rd rounder for a reason.