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  1. He had several weeks to rest it I don't know why the concern
  2. I think he's just not that good and bound to wash out of the league in 3 years. 3rd rounder for a reason.
  3. Zeke has come pretty close to matching his high ADP, not sure why this thread is always so negative.
  4. What kind of idiot benches a guy the entire game for 1 dropped pass? Tampa has so many screw ups but Howard is the only guy that gets thrown under the bus consistently by his HC no less publicly.
  5. If Monty is like 75% healthy I think he still gets a lot of carries since Nall is a scrub and Cohen can't get 20-30 carries
  6. Now that everyone is getting confident again, sounds like it's about time to go back to his roots and a 50 to 5 pass / run ratio
  7. He kind of stinks lately but I think Evans will start to get double teamed more
  8. I guess today was encouraging? YPC was real bad though.
  9. Kyler is the garbage time star. Maybe I need to play him against good defenses.
  10. He’s a must cut with the schedule and the bye. Not start able for 4 full weeks.
  11. Was really hoping after last week's disaster the pendulum would swing the other way and they would actually run it this week, especially after all the crap Nagy took
  12. With the wind I don't think there's much upside here... 3 catches 39 yards