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  1. I didn’t watch but his 1st half numbers were good and in the 2nd half he must have had a lot of no gain carries to tank his ypa
  2. He did just enough to keep the add/drop decision a complete mystery. I’m holding because he was the most productive wr yesterday on his team.
  3. 9th, game script should be in his favor though. Worst matchup of the 3 probably. You could pick KC instead (lower ranked run D) but I think Atl is better for Murray since NO will likely play with a lead, and Kamara will get more against KC.
  4. Might be startable 3 of 4 weeks, Atl Phi Min
  5. Hopefully Brees can come back in time for FF playoffs?
  6. All year it has been Mostert > McKinnon > Wilson. Who knows what's going on with Coleman, he's been hurt all year.
  7. Hines is a small guy, he probably won’t be the workhorse. But he’s looking like a good option tomorrow.
  8. His receptions have been down the last 2 weeks (1,2) so I would say no unless you want to gamble a little
  9. They ran JT a lot earlier in the year, and as a rookie he may break down with a 16 game schedule. At least that's what I'm hoping for as a Hines owner.