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  1. I really dislike our bullpen, Ruining a great season.
  2. Agree. Has been annoying me all year that they feel no urgency to try and get a dominant RP to add to our below average bullpen from top to bottom. It will cost them if they don't do something before the trade deadline.
  3. Just gonna take some time with him obviously, I still expect his crazy Minor league stats to carry over to MLB, Happens with most bigtime prospects, Some just take longer than others to figure it out.
  4. That feeling when you see you lose to a stat correction for a Jorge Polanco change to a SB for the previous week on Thursday that causes you to Lose by .33. Don't even know why I play Fantasy Baseball anymore it's just so nerve racking.
  5. Kid is going to be a stud for years sooner rather than later. You guys writing him off after 1/2 season in his first year at the age of 20 are going to eat your words. Bellinger. Yelich, Harper, Machado, Stanton...The list could go on of young players that struggled at some point early in their career. I only play keeper/Dynasty leagues so I understand this is pretty normal development. Redrafters thinking he was going to go out and hit 60 bombs his first season are just delusional and don't have any clue about player development at such a high level regardless of talent. /end rant๐Ÿ˜€
  6. People like me that gamble on pretty much every sporting event care. Plus interested in seeing the new wave of superstars perform.
  7. Our bullpen is an absolute mess and has cost us so many games, Doesn't matter who closes because they all suck especially with Swarzak out, He was the only one that was semi reliable. Something has to be done at the trade deadline or we can kiss any chance of going deep in playoffs goodbye.
  8. It's all about making adjustments to the pitchers scouting reports with these young players and Riley, Chavis seem to be doing that which is why you don't give up on these guys when they hit a cold stretch, Something I see alot on here do.
  9. He was checked and stayed in to run bases. They're saying the removal was precautionary.
  10. They both suck, We're gonna have to make a trade for a true shutdown closer. My wish list: F Vazquez, R Iglesias or K Giles in that order
  11. Braves/Mets expected to start 10 min late.
  12. Raining hard here in Atlanta and expected to continue off and on till early morn. I'm about 45 min south of the stadium so maybe it's better there but this system is pretty wide spread so doubt it.
  13. Agreed, Team is so fun to watch now, They're developing great chemistry because of him and the rest of the young players having such a great attitude. Loved our teams of the past but they were always too business like and I believe that approach cost us several rings by acting like playoff games are just any other regular season game and not seizing the opportunity.