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  1. Just grabbed him off waivers in one league due to the fact he has 4 games next week. If he has an okay shooting week he'll be solid.
  2. As someone who’s torn a ligament in their thumb that sounds like an incredibly stupid idea, but then again I’m not a professional athlete and I guess also theres precedence with guys like Kobe playing through torn ligaments. Still, every time someone makes contact with his hand it’s going to hurt like hell, and it’ll affect him mentally as well. He could end up being more of a hindrance than a help to his team. He should just get the surgery and then come back in 4-6.
  3. Alright so here's my initial glass half-full reaction. He's been playing a ton of minutes this season, and given his history he was probably due for a minor something at some point. So now he's sprained his finger, which is about as minor as an injury gets. 2 weeks off, in which he'll still be able to keep his cardio up, and then he comes back in good condition yet refreshed from not playing 37mpg for that time. I think this could turn out to be a saving grace if it makes him less likely to get something like a knee or back problem over the next couple months, but I guess we'll see. Sucks for the short term, but hopefully the longterm outlook is good.
  4. What do you guys think of these players' outlook ROS for standard 8/9 cat leagues? Fournier has been the epitome of inconsistency this season, and the only reason I've held on to him is because when he's on he's a good source of Pts/3s/Stl. White has been better by miles over the past month, and over the past 2 weeks he's been better across the board stat-wise except for 3's. Both have been logging roughly the same minutes lately, and Fournier has shown he can be a top-80 kind of guy in the past. So I guess, what's more likely, Fournier returns to form and White regresses a bit, or Fournier continues to be inconsistent while White continues to play at the high level he has lately? Who would you guys rather own moving forward?
  5. I instantly thought "veto" when I read this, but then I saw "points league" and then I was unsure because I never play those. That said, I do own Drummond and Barnes, and both have been pretty inconsistent this year. I would probably flip them for AD in a heartbeat and feel like I robbed someone.
  6. You should just hang on to Giannis and enjoy the ride. I don’t like that first trade because you’re giving up the best player. The second trade would be better for you, but it might not get accepted. I can count the number of players I’d rather have on my fantasy squad over Giannis on one hand, and neither PG or Oladipo are on that list.
  7. Fournier and Nance offer different stats from each other so it depends on what you think your team needs more. Other than that I don’t think it matters too much; Otto should be an upgrade over both
  8. I'd drop Fournier or Nance for him in a heartbeat. I might hesitate a bit with Ingles but I still think Porter is the more valuable fantasy asset. That said, your league settings are a factor. If it's standard 8 or 9-cat it's a no-brainer. Points leagues or other leagues with non-standard scoring might complicate that a bit but probably not much.
  9. As a Gay/Bledsoe/Gallinari owner (across multiple leagues) I have to say you might want to be a little hesitant bringing them on. Bledsoe has been wildly inconsistent this year and so has Gay (compounded by his seemingly constant injury issues). You're also going to be giving up the best player in the deal in Butler, which as general rule of thumb isn't always the best idea. Then there's Gallinari, who's been pretty amazing this year, but you'll be rolling the dice on him continuing to be healthy. The trade example you posted isn't horrible, but I'd be hesitant to pull the trigger if I was offered that deal. I'm curious, what place are you currently in that you feel like you need to shake things up that much? I'm guessing you're not doing great in assists, so it might make sense to go full punt with that category and just move Schroeder for a guard or big that better fits punt AST.
  10. I think in both those deals you're giving away less than what you're getting back. The 2nd one is more fair but if I was the Jokic/Oladipo owner I wouldn't pull the trigger on that.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Here's the rest of my roster. It's a keeper league and I'm currently in 1st place, so I don't feel a ton of pressure to pull the trigger. If Harris can get his 3pt/Stl/FG numbers to where they were last year it'd be a no brainer, but he's pretty far off from those numbers as of now. PG: Fox, Westbrook, Murray SG: Ingles, Richardson SF: Middleton, Warren, Gallinari PF: Siakam C: Davis, Gobert, Capela, Ayton
  12. One of my leagues is rather shallow, and Gary Harris was dropped by his owner a little while ago. The worst guy on my roster is Joe Ingles, and I'm tempted to cut him for Harris. I've been hesitating due to how injury prone Harris can be as well as the fact that there's a lot of mouths to feed in DEN. So, who do you guys think will be more valuable between the two moving forward? Edit: It's a standard 9-cat league
  13. If you pull it off, post the trade here, I'm curious. I own him in my main league and I can't imagine a trade that I'd accept for him that wouldn't also get vetoed by the league.
  14. It's too bad it's such an ugly blowout. He probably won't play much in the second half. Not often you see a guy who's on pace for a 60/30 game at halftime.