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  1. If you wanna do fantasy all-decade by taking out the defensive aspect, players like Braun, Cruz, and Freeman start to crack the top 10. Four of the top six are 1B. But the most amazing part is Trout being 150 offensive points ahead of the second ranked player, despite playing 200 less games. I'm kinda surprised votto is ahead of miggy.
  2. How do you guys feel about these players? Just curious why they weren't drafted? Kintzler Tsutsugo Peraza Goodrum
  3. Yu-say kikuchi I-sayah kiner-falefa
  4. I do like tarik more, but I don't think he has a chance to being called up this year as compared to mize or Manning or funk houser
  5. Any adjustments to your list after the short spring? Kiner-Falefa get a crack?
  6. Are we still expecting a call up in 2020 if they play?
  7. Oh wow, and he's expected to be called up this year? (If they play)
  8. how come he doesn't have a page on fangraphs?
  9. Peyton in the suite tonight looks like Tom Wambsgams from the HBO series "succession"